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Cool Blogger Gadgets

Blogger in Draft offers a plethora of gadgets to spice up your blog. This feature lets you add pretty much any Google Gadget to your blog’s sidebar.

The Gadget directory is the same one used on iGoogle, which means there are thousands of Gadgets available for you to try. (Note: since most Google Gadgets were designed for iGoogle, they won’t all make sense for display on a blog.)

The Gadget directory is available directly in Blogger Layouts, in the Template | Page Elements | Add a Page Element popup:

Here are a few that I thought were pretty nice.


TechBlogs - Stay tuned with all top blog feeds in one convenient gadget! get all the latest news from TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Slashdot and Engadget
By LabPixies

What's That Site Running?
Find out all about a website, where it is hosted, what it's running, and what its uptime is
By Netcraft Ltd

Freeware Downloads

Freeware and free software downloads, reviews, blog and feeds
By Freeware Network

Document to PDF Document to PDF

Easily convert documents to PDF. A list of supported document formats you can find under
By Stefan Ziegler

Digg 1.0 Digg 1.0

View the latest top stories as voted on by the Digg community, from the social news website Back by popular demand, the original version of the Digg Gadget. Let us know what you think at
By Inc.

My advice is to try one or two at a time. Often when there are too many gadgets the page load can get slowed down. That's a big reason for a visitor to leave.

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