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WordPress Versus Blogger

Working with WordPress is a lot different than working with Blogger.
Blogger is extremely user friendly and for the most part, any thing you want to do to customize is as hard as you make it. You can use the Blogger in draft gadgets to get just about anything on your page with a click of a mouse.

WordPress, on the other hand, assumes the average user has some kind of coding background. You can go with their starter templates and customize them as is to get a halfway decent looking blog. However, if you want to do any kind of customizing to take your blog up a notch, you better roll up your sleeves.

For example, most hosting sites where WordPress is already installed when you sign up, will give you a dozen or so templates to choose from. To do any customizing, you need to go into the code. There is a style sheet and then a number of other sheets that you have to perform code on. As opposed to Blogger's simple one self contained sheet. Also, these hosting sites will probably charge you a fee and may have restrictions about advertisements.

Is it worth the extra effort to use WordPress?

For the beginner blogger, probably not. For someone who just wants to post vacation pictures or keep an online journal while attending art school, probably not. I would recommend keeping your mind free and going with the simple and easy Blogger.

Businesses and serious bloggers can benefit from the WordPress approach. WordPress can give a look resembling a nicely laid out webpage, thus disguising the blogger look and feel. As a matter a fact, a lot of businesses will use a WordPress blog. Also, the WordPress software can be used on a self hosting server.

You can alter a Blogger Blog to make it look more professional. However, a WordPress will usually appear cleaner and more like a website.

2 Sites Devoted to making their choice of blogging software better. l

To see the differences in layouts, check out these WordPress and Blogger sites.
To be in America
Chocoholics Diary

Here is the same blog, 2 ways
Blogger- Stufftoblogabout
WordPress- Stufftoblogabout

Which should you go with?
That's up to you. You should probably experiment with free versions of both to see which best meets your needs, is easiest to work with an offers the layout you like best.

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