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Blogger Templates

It's almost like a Blogger Revolution.
The use of templates other than those provided by blogger.
The goal is to have a unique looking blog and possibly a blog that resembles a website rather than a blog.

Open source templates are a great way to go. I use them all the time. I tweak them to my liking by changing a few things such as colors or fonts. You don't have to do this.
Open source templates are free- providing that you leave the link that the developer or designer added to the template. No big deal. You're getting a really nice and free new look.

The problem with open source is that like royalty free images, you can find them anywhere and you have no control over this. If you need a one of a kind look, you'll need to pay for it.

Here are some links to open source blogger templates.

If you do a search for open source or free templates, chances are you'll find a lot of sites with the same stuff. I would recommend downloading a few since the code may not be perfect. Also, be sure to download your original template and any feeds or widgets that you want to keep. Often these will be erased in the transaction.

Here is a start for you.
This site has some nice stuff and seems to be popular.

Thee Other Eden Blogger Template

One Column Design with tabs

One Column Blogger Template

Here are some links to other sites with free blogger templates.