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WordPress Templates

Customizing your blog to make it look unique can be a good idea. It can also be a frustrating process. While, depending on your WordPress host, you are provided with probably a dozen or so templates to choose from, these templates probably just do not do the job for you. Almost every host will let you choose the basic ones, such as Kubrick, but let's face it, these templates have been done and we are tired of them.

WordPress will often give you the option of searching through their templates for a new one, with the caveat that you need to upload it to your server. So, why not see what else is out there? I am going to give you some sites where you can download free templates.

First off, I am going to give you a list of place to check out free templates.
You can purchase templates if you really want to spend the money or really need one for your own use and nobody else can use.

We will start with the Official WordPress Theme Viewer
What is nice about this site is that you can sort through the available themes if you know you want something in particular such as 3 columns.

There is a nice variety to choose from.

is a site with more free templates.

I found this wine themed template. This is a unique one.

It features;
3 columns,
brown, green and black colors,
widgets ready,
big header, free Wordpress template with left and right sidebars

This site has other nice ones to look at.

Smashing Magazine is a great place to visit - even if you don't need a new template.
They have 100 templates, if not more via links, to choose from.

Other Sites to Check out