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Keep Their Interest

Earlier we focused on 'getting their interest'. Getting their interest focused on how to get your blog visitor to be interested enough in your blog to stay and read it. Now we will focus on how to keep their interest.

I'll make this easy by listing the tips.

Keeping their interest has everything to do with the ADD mind of the average visitor. By ADD, I mean that they want their information quick and easy otherwise they're moving on to the next place. The average blog reader is use to moving on because there is so much competition from the blog writers and other information givers.

Here are some tips;
  • Use eye appeal for topics and key words. This means proper spacing for new topics, bolding important keywords and using other methods to emphasis what they want to see.
  • Think about hierarchy of topics and subtopics. Use numbers, lists, headers etc. This outline approach will cut out the unneeded words.
  • KISS- Keep it Short and Sweet. Get to the point.
  • Keep your posts to one topic at a time. It will also make your labeling and categorizing easier on you.
  • You posts should be between 200-800 words. Any shorter and you've probably missed something or the topic isn't all that informative. Anything larger than 800 and it may be too much information, in which case you should consider breaking up your post into more than one.
  • Think quality and not quantity when it comes to the information you are providing.
  • < Write at least daily. It will keep you interested if anything.
  • Use links especially when you cite.
  • Cite when you use someone else's information
  • Most importantly, be yourself. Write to your readers as if they are your friend and on their level.

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