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HHS' to Use Blogs, Virtual Worlds, and Social Networks to Deliver HIV Information for World AIDS Day 2008

Visa Prepaid Card

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Blogger; Post from anywhere!

When you send text or photos from your mobile device to they're automatically posted to your new blog.

How it works

  • Send an MMS or email to from your phone.
  • We'll reply with the address of your new mobile blog, plus a claim code.
  • Post to your new mobile blog, or use the claim code to link your phone to a different blog.

Blogger Mobile works with any device that can send email via MMS.

Blogger Mobile is also built into some Sony Ericsson cameraphones, so you can post to your blog with just a few clicks.

For more about mobile blogging, see: How does Blogger Mobile work?

iPhone users: Phones without MMS can still post to Blogger via email with Mail2Blogger.

You send a message - which can be a photo, some text, or both - to We take care of the rest. In other words, we auto-provision a new blog and publish the post. It's that simple.

Here's how to start a mobile blog:

  1. 1. Send an MMS to to create your mobile blog. The text and/or photo in your MMS will be uploaded to that blog right away. We'll message you back with the address, (so you can visit your new blog on the web) and a token (so you can claim your blog and access it from your account).
  2. 2. OPTIONAL - If you feel like changing anything on your new mobile blog or if you already have a Blogger account and want the posts to go to your existing blog, you can log in to and enter the token we sent to your phone. You'll then have the option to claim your new mobile blog and merge it with your existing blog. Note to users whose blog address does not contain Once you make the aforementioned switch, new mobile posts will be published to your chosen blog but mobile posts published prior to the switch will not be moved over automatically.

What types of messages can I send to Blogger Mobile from my phone?

MMS or Email - note this doesn't include email sent from a mobile device that actually passes through a webmail gateway.


Text messaging-enabled mobile device with a text messaging plan. This service is free from Google but charges from your carrier for usage may apply.

For more information send the keyword HELP to BLOGGR (256447), you can also text STOP to BLOGGR to cancel text messages.

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Limited Time Deals, while supplies last!

Get Reactions

Blogger has a newer feature that is called reactions. By enabling this feature, your readers can give some sort of feedback about your posts.

Whether or not you really need or want this is entirely up to you. However, you should consider the content of your site and the possibility of reactions that may be unfavorable.

To enable Reactions, log in to your dashboard, go to Layout > Page Elements and click the Edit link in the Blog Posts element to open the blog post configuration tool. Then, check the box next to Reactions, edit your reactions as a comma-separated list, and click Save.

Reactions works with Layouts templates, though if your template is heavily customized, you may have to reset your widget templates for Reactions to appear. If you have a Classic template you will need to switch to Layouts to use Reactions.

6 month guarantee -

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Link Bait

There is no question that linking is an important way to get traffic to your site. Linking also helps grow your popularity among the search engines.

One good way to create links made to your site is through link baiting.
Link bait is simply bait that you place on your site to entice others to link to it. The idea is to have other sites point traffic in your direction.

Creating link bait requires having some content that is worth linking to. This content must be fresh or stand out in some way to make it attractive. You also need to consider how you will get the 'fish' to the bait.

To get bloggers to the bait, you need to establish a genuine communication means with them. To do this, you can do some of the following;
  • discuss your bait in forums
  • announce your post in networks that you belong to such as Facebook and Twitter
  • get your post bookmarked talk on sites such as or Digg
  • share linking with another blogger

Your content or reason for interest in the linked to item needs to be worth while.
  • Make it a valuable resource or listing such as a list of websites with something in common
  • Research or information that you have developed
  • Contests and Give Aways
  • Events
  • Something that you are an expert about
  • Give something of value for free
Getting linked to is a good way to grow your popularity. It can also be a valuable form of networking.

Be sure to acknowledge those linking to your site. You can leave a comment or link back to their site in exchange.

Borders Gift Cards

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Adding images as backgrounds in Blogger

 Adding an image to your blog so that it appears on every page of your site, can add a nice touch. There are several ways to do this.

The easiest way of course, is to upload the picture into a picture gadget in your layouts.

However, why not put the picture somewhere unique?

To experiment with any these methods, follow these steps.
You will need to go to your html section of your blogger editor. Naturally, you should download your current template in case you do not like the new look.

To set the picture to appear in the body, or the entire screen. You will need to have your image posted on a server such as Picasa. Find the address of the image.

Look for the body section of your  code.


background-image: url(URL address of your image that is hosted elsewhere);

Want your sidebar to host a background image?
look for the sidebar code that looks something like this.

#sidebar1 {
margin: 0px 10px 15px 10px;
padding:10 10 10 10;
width: 250px;
background: URL(http://URL address of your image

Add your image to the post section

Look for this
background-image: url(URL address of your image);

  The location of the starting image will be on the left-most side, and at the top-most position. The general command for embedding a background image is:

By default, the image will be repeated to fill up the entire background of the section.If you  choose not to have the image repeated. If that is the case, you can insert this code:-

background-repeat: no-repeat;

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10% off plus free Shipping at

BlogHer Announces Its Fifth Annual Conference Will Return to Chicago July 24-25, 2009

Save 10% for the Holidays

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Blogging moms

Buy or Sell your home with ZipRealty, and save $$$

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Google SearchWiki

Stuff to Blog About and More: Google SearchWiki: "Google recently released SearchWiki.
SearchWiki is a way for you to customize search by re-ranking, deleting, adding, and commenting on search results.

Google says that they now let users reshuffle results so their favorite Web sites get top billing and disliked destinations get discarded the next time they enter the same request.

Users can now tailor Google search results to best meet their needs. They can also write notes attached to a particular site and remove results that they don't feel belong.

Color coordinate with Electronics & Accessories at

SearchWiki is available to signed-in Google users. Goolge will store your changes in your Google Account. If you are wondering if you are signed in, you can always check by noting if your username appears in the upper right-hand side of the page. The changes you make only affect your own searches.

Google says that these changes won't affect Google's closely guarded formulas for ranking Web sites. Google processes more than 60 percent of the search requests made around the world.

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Technorati Network and Linking

I have focused on Technorati over the past few posts. Something that we have hit on is that Technorati relies a lot on how many linking to determine your popularity. The more links the better.

There are many ways to get linking. You can guest blog, share links, and post about something worth linking to.

Networking is another way to get links to your site.

In this network;
  1. You submit a link to your site in the comment section of this post.
  2. I will embed that link in this post,
  3. You copy and paste that link list into a post.
  4. In the end, there will be a long list of posts linking to your blog and everyone elses on the list.

.........copy from here............
So, copy and paste this list into a post on your site. Then comment this post with your blog address so I can post it for others to copy and paste into their posts.

To be in America
Your spot
To join click here
.....copy to here.......................

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Signing up for technorati

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the benefits of Technorati.

Whether or not you intend to use the service as a bookmarking tool, the fact is, if you want more hits, you'd better network for some links and favorites.

Unbelievable, I have never signed up fr the service, so today I will.
The sign-up is painless. They simply want to know your name and whether or not you are human.

Once you sign up, they will ask you to claim your site. This is a good idea if you want to assure that your links all count. They will also ask to claim your open ID. Both of these items are optional.

What to do after you sign up
Visit the support forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check these out

Sticky: How do I get indexed? or better indexed?
Sticky: What does Claiming my blog do for me?
Sticky: Blog Claim has changed. What's different?
Sticky: I'm not getting my verification, password reset or other emails from Technorati
Sticky: Most recent posts not indexed AND "Last Pinged" date IS NOT updating?
Sticky: When I try to find my blog in Blog Search, get "Sorry, we can’t find that blog"
What is Authority?
Why is my Link Count Widget not showing reactions?
Getting the "The claim code was not found on your blog" message?
Getting the "This URL has been flagged by our systems" message immediately?
Why is my Authority not changing at all when it should be?
Can I make the Profile Image Size smaller?
Can I change the way the Technorati Widget looks in my blog?
Is there a way to pull a list of all the blogs are linking to my blog?

Add to Technorati Favorites

Tomorrow I will introduce an opportunity for you to get some links.

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Technorati Ranking and Authority

What is a "Technorati Ranking?"

Technorati Ranking relates to the number of sources that point to your blog relative to other blogs. The more sources referencing your blog, the higher the Technorati ranking. The Technorati Ranking for a blog is displaying in URL Search results, Blog search results, and is displayed in the account profile for all claimed blogs.

Technorati Authority is the number of blogs linking to a website in the last six months. The higher the number, the more Technorati Authority the blog has.

It is important to note that they measure the number of blogs, rather than the number of links. So, if a blog links to your blog many times, it still only count as +1 toward your authority. Of course, new links mean the +1 will last another 180 days.

Technorati Rank is calculated based on how far you are from the top. The blog with the hightest Technorati Authority is the #1 ranked blog. The smaller your Technorati Rank, the closer you are to the top.

Since at the lower end of the scale many blogs will have the same Technorati Authority, they will share the same Technorati Rank.

The Technorati Top 100 shows the most popular 100 blogs based on Technorati Authority. The #1 ranked blog is the blog with the most other distinct blogs linking to it in the last 6 months. If your blog's rank is, say 305,316, this indicates that there are 305,315 blog ranks separating your blog from the #1 position.

The best way to increase your Technorati Authority is to write things that are interesting to other bloggers so they'll link to you. Linking to source material when you blog is also a great way to engage in conversation and help others find what you find interesting.

If you want to let your readers see your Technorati Authority on your blog, install the Technorati Authority widget.
<script src="" type="text/javascript"> </script>
<a href="{URL}?sub=tr_authority_t_ns" class="tr_authority_t_js" style="color:#4261DF">View blog authority</a>

NO priceline hotel cancellation or change fees!

According to Technorait , authority is determined by the number of unique blogs indexed by Technorati that have linked to yours in the past 180 days. Thus, as links from blogs age out of this window and new links are added, your authority may rise, fall, or stay the same over time. Also, if the same blog links to you many times in the past 180 days, it only counts once towards your authority though it does renew the age of link.

The link must appear in your blog reactions to be applied to your authority. If the links are not in your blog reactions, please check to see if the blogs and/or the post with the links are in Technorati. If they are not, then encourage the blog owners to ping Technorati, or better yet to claim their blogs in Technorati (gives the blog higher priority) so the blogs are submitted for review and then indexed by Technorati for their blogs and posts.

you need to get more links to get a higher rank - but look at the links the top 10 blogs - you can see a drastic rise in the number of links required to break in here. Note also the 'long tail' - a term popularized in recent years, but particularly applicable to the blogosphere.

Test your rank from Modern Life

For other blog widgets from Technorati

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Millions of Profiles, Search Free

What is Technorati

There is some talk among bloggers concerning Technorati.
Some say it is the greatest thing in the world for getting traffic to your blog while others say it is flawed.

I will take a few posts to examine the pros and cons of Technorati.

What is Technorati?
The folks at Technorati say that they are the leading monitor of the world of weblogs.

It is all about links. Technorati is a real-time search engine that allows you to find out what people are saying about you, your company, your products, your competitors, and, other areas of interest, on the Internet in real time .

Think of it as an Internet search engine that indexes and searches blogs. As of June 2008, Technorati indexes 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media.

How does it work?

This is where linking becomes important. Because blogs tend to be frequently updated, articles you find on a weblog's homepage one day may not be there the next. A permalink is the permanent identifier to a specific weblog post or article. Bloggers love permalinks — they provide an easy way to capture specific references to posts or articles about which bloggers are writing.

Why is linking so important?
A link from one weblog to another helps provide context around an argument or point, and it is essentially a "vote of attention" from one blogger to another. By linking to another site or blog, the weblog author is saying, "I find what you are saying important enough to link to it." Linking also helps create the conversation of the Web, the critical mass of connected thought that is not available in static text.

Therefore, you need to be aware of your sites relevance on the Web. This can help with your authority, a term I'll explore in another post.

Technorati was founded to help bloggers to succeed by collecting, highlighting, and distributing the online global conversation. As the leading blog search engine and most comprehensive source of information on the blogosphere, they index more than 1.5 million new blog posts in real time and introduce millions of readers to blog and social media content.

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Give stuff away...get traffic......

There is a theory out there that if you give stuff away, you'll get traffic.

While this many not always be the traffic that you are looking for, it will get people use to visiting your site. The result will always be more traffic.

What you give away should make sense to your reader base. That is, if your blog topic is about raising kids, you probably should not bother giving away aftershave. What you give away should be of some value, not necessarily monetary.

Popular items given away are free graphics, templates, e-books, coupons, and promotional type items. To get these items hosts will usually ask that you do something in return. An internet/blog themed site may ask you to sign up for a newsletter for instance. Family/mom sites usually ask for a comment, sometimes with a theme. The site owner will then draw a winner from the comments

What else you need to know about give-aways:

  • Obviously, you must be cautious with the information that you give out or when downloading things.
  • You may want to take out a free e-mail address to use solely for contests.
  • Read the instructions and fine print very well. You may be signing up for something that you do not want.
  • Obey the rules of the give-away and remember your comment manners.

I host give-aways on my site. Check it out.

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Bookmark Me and I'll Bookmark You!

The great bookmarking network!

Here is how it works;

  1. Comment this post.

  2. In the comment, leave your blog site address and list what bookmarking sites you use.

  3. Visit the listed sites from this post and bookmark them.

  4. Leave a comment on the site you bookmarked to tell the owner that you have bookmarked them and leave a link to your site so that they can return the favor.

  5. Thank those who have bookmarked your site by bookmarking them back. Be sure to leave them a comment telling them that they have been bookmarked.

  6. Start by bookmarking me.

Add to Technorati Favorites

Stumble Me

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Try Ask Sponsored Listings

How much will President Obama embrace internet?

Microblogs Are Becoming a New Source of Income for Individuals and Businesses, According to Spoink, Inc.

Millions of Profiles, Search Free

Microsoft Live gets social in website make-over

Subject: Do you need to network your blog?

Yesterday, I sent out a similar e-mail to the members of the Facebook group, Promote your Blog through Social Networking.

Hi there bloggers and Facebook friends.

I am interested in knowing your ideas about bookmarking.

Would you be interested in forming a bookmarking network?
(we bookmark one another)

Which bookmarking sites do you use?

Your insights, tips, and other ideas about bookmarking.

To check out the Facebook group;

You can post these items in our new discussion post-

Promote your blog through social networking.

If you are interested in being part of a network to bookmark blogs, please e-mail me

YouTube going Sponsored Video

It had to happen at some point.

Facing more pressure to profit from its huge audience, YouTube is letting advertisers promote their commercial clips alongside the search results on the YouTube site.

The system channels a concept that has turned YouTube's owner Google Inc. into one of the world's most profitable companies.

Advertisers can now tie their commercials to specific words entered into YouTube's search box.

According to YouTube
  • Want to get people watching your video?

    Do you think your video can be the next big thing? Are you frustrated that people can't find your video on YouTube?

    Use Sponsored Videos to surface your video to the YouTube community.

    Promote your videos on YouTube with Sponsored Videos.

    Sponsored Videos allows any video uploader to surface their video content on YouTube by targeting users that are interested in seeing their content.

    Sponsored Videos is a self service tool.

    You can manage this program yourself through a simple and easy-to-use dashboard!

    Next Topic»

1. Create your video promotions.

Create your promotion and choose your keywords, which are words or phrases related to your video.

2. Your video promotions appear on YouTube.

When people search on YouTube using one of your keywords, your sponsored video may appear above or next to the search results. Now you're reaching an audience that's already interested in your videos.

3. Build your following.

People can simply click on your sponsored video and are taken to a watch page or channel page to enjoy your content. If they like your video, they will come back for more. It's that easy!

  • Set your budget

    Concerned about costs? Don't worry - Sponsored Videos puts you in complete control of your spending. There's no minimum spending requirement--the amount you pay for Sponsored Videos is up to you. You can, for instance, set a daily budget of five dollars and a maximum cost of ten cents for each click on your ad.

    Pay only for results

    You’re charged only if someone clicks your Sponsored Videos promotion, not when the promotion is displayed.

The new platform, initially available only in the United States. It is expected to appeal to video creators who want to attract a larger audience to clips they have posted on YouTube.

Of course ranking had to fit in. Some clips that might not normally rank high in the primary results of a YouTube search could appear on the first page as a "sponsored" video if a bidder is willing to pay a high enough price for a click and offers compelling content.

At YouTube, 13 hours of new video are being uploaded to the site every minute.
It attracts more than 300 million worldwide users.

Last month, YouTube began allowing advertisers to place a button under videos to offer viewers a chance to buy music, movies or other products featured in a clip. YouTube also is experimenting with ads that could appear before, during and after the professionally produced TV shows and movies that can now be watched on YouTube.

no one deals like we do!

Do you bookmark?

Social bookmarking is becoming very popular with many bloggers.
It is a great way to network and to get traffic to your site.

Social bookmarking is a method that was started for users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet. Bookmark-
ing, is a way of saving the address of a Web site you wish to visit in the future.

Most recently, bookmarking allows users save links to web pages that they want to share. These bookmarks are usually public and shared inside certain networks. Some bookmarking sites will allow you to actually rate and comment on bookmarked sites.

Can this bring you more traffic?
Usually it can. People visit your bookmarks and click on them.
While the bookmarks themselves are not subject to the spider search used for search engines, the visits to your site are.

What are your thoughts on bookmarking?
I will be writing a series of posts on bookmarking. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?
One reader has suggested that we share bookmarks to help one another.
Would you be interested in bookmark networking?

Go Daddy $7.49 .com sale 200x200

Gmail Chat

Just when you thought that Google has given up on the live chat thing they have come out with something new.

Today they're launching voice and video chat -- right inside Gmail.

According to Google:

We've tried to make this an easy-to-use, seamless experience, with high-quality audio and video -- all for free. All you have to do is download and install the voice and video plugin and we take care of the rest. And in the spirit of open communications, we designed this feature using Internet standards such as XMPP, RTP, and H.264, which means that third-party applications and networks can choose to interoperate with Gmail voice and video chat.

Once you install the plugin, to start a video chat, just click on the "Video & more" menu at the bottom of your Gmail chat window, and choose "Start video chat." You'll have a few seconds to make sure you look presentable while it's ringing, and then you'll see and hear your friend live, right from within Gmail. You can click the "pop-out" iconto make the video larger, or click the fullscreen iconin the upper left-hand corner for a fully immersive experience. See this all in action in the video below:

Our team is spread between Google offices in the US and Sweden, and video has really changed the way we work. Collaborating across continents and timezones is a fact of life for us, and it sure is easier (and greener) to click "Start video chat" than to get on a plane! And when I do have to visit another Google office, I can use Gmail voice and video chat to check in with my family.

We've just started to roll out Gmail voice and video chat for both PCs and Macs, so if you don't see it right away, don't worry -- it could take a day or so for this feature to be available in all Gmail and Google Apps accounts. If you want to download the plugin right away, visit And if you need a webcam, there are a few models with special discounts through November 30th (I use the QuickCam Pro 9000 myself).

If you try this and are interested in writing a review, please let me know-

Get 10% off Mystore purchases of $50 or more! New Obama Website

There are many critics out there that say that the internet savvy Barack Obama election team may be what won him the election.

Case in point, within 24 hours of Obama's historic vote, his transition team rolled out, a Web site that promises to be "your source for the latest news, events and announcements so that you can follow the setting up of the Obama administration."

According to the site,

throughout the Presidential Transition Project, this website will be your source for the latest news, events, and announcements so that you can follow the setting up of the Obama Administration. And just as this historic campaign was, from the beginning, about you -- the transition process will offer you opportunities to participate in redefining our government.

Come back often as we define new programs and possibilities to engage and be part of this administration.

Visitors to the site can fill out a form to share their stories about what the election meant to them, or they can give their vision of an Obama presidency. They can even apply for a job. Video Watch how the site may help Obama

 #1 Site for Love

Updates on Networking

I will be updating this week on social networking.
This is such a fast- paced phenomena that it seems to be changing on a daily basis.
Social networking is definitely something that can work for anyone.

With social-networking services, personal and professional contacts know what you're doing, when you're doing it and more!

Raise Funds for Cheerleaders

Blog Open House Participants


Everyone who participated including;
  • Bloggers
  • Visitors
  • Networkers
  • Twitters

As promised, here is a complete listing of all of the blog open house participants.

Thank you participants and everyone who took the time to visit the blogs.

Please let me know if you liked this idea and if this would be something worth doing again. ..

This Cute Pet

Godiva Knows, .

The Chocoholic's Diary
To be in America.

I am going to be doing a bookmarking open house.
What is your favorite bookmark site?


Blog Open House- Check these out!

Thank You Everyone Who Submitted Blogs for the Blog Open House.

Also, thank you to everyone who visited the featured blogs.
Tomorrow I will post a listing of all of the blog participating in the open house.

Please let me know your thoughts on this idea.

Also, let me know what other ideas you may have for blogging and networking.


Check these blogs out!

"Thank you Ryan. I appreciate the opportunity! My blog can be found at
best wishes, Cindy Schulson"

I'd like 2 of my blogs featured on your Open Houses.
Diana's Daily Ramblings takes a look into my chaotic work from home life as a mom of 3. Y
ou won't find much ranting, but I will include recipes, boring details, weekly polls and fun!
Custom Blog Makeovers with a highly individualized looks that reflect a digital scrapbook look.
Thanks so much!

I would love for you to out my blog at

I live in Memphis (Cordova) and I work Downtown Memphis. I am darn near 30 years of age. I am a father, husband, son, brother, uncle, and much much more. I blog about everything that is going on in my life, Memphis, and whatever strikes my fancy.

Let me know if I need to do anything else

Hi Ryan,

I would like to be included in your bloggy OH. What a great idea, and thanks for telling folks about it!

My blog can be found at ..

Thanks again!

This Cute Pet

Godiva Knows

Back-to-School 300x250

Blog Open House- Check these out!

Today's Blog Open House will feature blogs from my Facebook Group
Promote your blog through Social Networking

Hang in there everyone who has submitted their blog for Open House. I will make every attempt to feature your blog.

  • Be sure to visit the following blogs and leave a comment.
  • Watch your traffic grow, make blogging connections, and share tips and tricks.
  • This has been well-received both on Facebook and elsewhere.
  • Thanks for participating!


Hello, I started a new investment blog at but it's taking off very slowly, despite the good content I am posting, any ideas how could I improve it? Many thanks and good luck with blogging, Radu
*Now You Can Live 25 Years Longer
and Feel 25 Years Younger!
Two former indie music store wage slaves share their thoughts on pop culture, music, movies, tv, video games and the interweb.
Tips to develop happiness habits for life!
Looking for other happy links
Journal of a Rock Photographer

Check out

Your comments (diggs, reddits, facebooks, etc) are appreciated!

My blog is @ - the blog features short essays on topics ranging from libertarian politics to magick, connected by the common thread of visionary futurism and a commitment to improving the human species.

My Blog url is

Thanks! Hope people will come and support me in the Great Minivan Trade Up! - as well as my regular site - Dad of Divas -

Excellent. Thanks! My blog is I have a video journal about exploring creative ways to take your life with you. My goal is validating and empowering by sharing ideas and concepts that make life easier. Comments and conversation are greatly appreciated!

Thanks for this opportunity! My website is: where I introduce people to the proper way of taking care of your skin, to maintain a healthier and youthful looking skin. Also, on how to prevent pre-mature aging, and cancer! I also have found my "niche" in Internet Marketing,

thanks so much for the opportunity! My blog is at where I am helping others with tips, ideas, do's and do NOT's for their IM bizzes based on MY ten years experience and where I am rebranding my former self as Marketing Warrioress. :-)

Contact me to have your blog featured in an Open House

No booking fees on all published flights!

Blog Open House- Check these out!

Hey bloggers.
This Blog Open House has been going great.
We have had some terrific feedback .

Be sure to visit today's featured blogs!

You can still have your blog featured by e-mailing me-

I host a blog at It doesn't have any true purpose except fun, I'm not trying to make money, or promote anything, just trying to give people something fun to look at and follow my life amidst traveling the country as a skateboarder and designer. If you want to feature it that would be awesome! Thanks for all you do.
Hi Ryan - I like your successful blogging site and bookmarked it with Stumbleupon. I'd like to participate in the promoting blogging idea you mentioned. My blog is only a few weeks old, and I am going to implement some of your ideas to improve it. You can check it out at
Many thanks,
It’s Pets are Talking! .
I’m a pet psychic and I’m all about building strong relationships with the pets in our lives.

Thanks Kubrick!


The Chocoholic's Diary
This blog is maintained by one of our contributors.

You can still have your blog featured by e-mailing me-
Also, if you have been featured and have made updates- be sure to re-submit!

THANKS for all of the kind words and positive feedback!


Blog Open House- Check these out!

We have had some terrific feedback concerning the Blog Open House.
At the end of the week I will post the blog addresses of all of our featured blogs.
You can still have your blog featured by e-mailing me-

Please visit these newly posted blogs hosting and open house. Be sure to leave a comment.

A blog update.

Thank you for checking out my blog at I've made a few little changes in titles, etc., after getting a technical comment. (I'm fairly new to this) If you have any suggestions I would certainly be open to hearing them. Thanks so much for setting up your Facebook group. If there is anyway I can promote it on my blog, let me know.

My blog, 'Just Show Up' is @,
I blog for, a nonprofit organization for those with special needs (Down syndrome, autism, etc.) and write about inclusion, community involvement, and advocacy issues.

I've been blogging for about six months, but continue to have low traffic
(approx. 10 hits a day). I've made changes to it, from time to time (I
changed the template recently, in fact.), and wonder what's working and what

If so, any comments could be sent to

i would LOVE to be included in your blog open house! let me know if ya need anything from me to make this happen. my blog's at:
thanks so much in advance!

You can still have your blog featured by e-mailing me-

All blogs posted this week will be reposted at the end of the week!

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Blog Open House- Check these out!

We have had some terrific feedback concerning the Blog Open House.
At the end of the week I will post the blog addresses of all of our featured blogs.
You can still have your blog featured by e-mailing me-

Please visit these newly posted blogs hosting and open house. Be sure to leave a comment.

One of our contributors-
This is a blog mostly about inspiration and heroes. She does touch base with items in the news that are of interest.
Because today is election day, check out To be in America.
This is a blog all about America.

A blog about Teaching

TeacherWallet is all about how Your Teaching Skills can create incomes.Give your teaching skills the leverage of Internet technologies and see the magic happen.
Teacher Wallet will show you the right path to identify and use the opportunity internet has for you. It will guides you on: How – Why - What - Where - When & How Much

Starting a web based business as a teacher -Blogging ,Mentoring ,Consulting ,Counseling ,More…

What areas of your blog you would like input or constructive input on.
how useful the posts are
commnets left back on the blog

I would like to reach a wider audience especially people in the education field for all levels nursery to corportae trainings relate to them alternative income options
i would look forward to your feedback


You can still get your blog featured. This is an excellent way to get traffic, get feedback and network. #1 Site for Love

Blog Open House- Check these out!

Welcome to Blog Open House.

Blog Open House an opportunity for bloggers to get constructive opinions and tips to help make their blog even better. For visitors, this is an opportunity to share knowledge and to see what other bloggers are doing.

Everyday during the Blog Open House I will post blog addresses to visit. When you visit, be sure to leave a comment- whether it is simply a 'hello' or a tip.

Bloggers are encouraged to make changes and re-submit their site for additional open houses.

This is actually a site done by a contributor to this site- Shakespere Smith.

Visitors, please comment;

  1. Do you like the theme of "Stuff to blog about"?
  2. Do you think that the over all layout is working?
  3. What kind of changes to do you suggest I make to my site?

Thanks for visiting my site.

A frog to kiss

1. Blog URL:
2. Theme of my blog: I like to consider my blog as a "Seinfeld"-meaning a blog about nothing, just many topics- from humor to anything geeky.
3. Input: Any input is appreciated.
4. I'd like to add that I enjoy reader interaction. Unfortunately, a majority of bloggers only care about traffic. So, if you enjoy any post, comment appropriately, subscribe to my feed and follow me on Twitter!

Beth T.

Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind


Blog 1
A blog about our family.

Blog 2
a random blog of stuff

How frequently should one blog?

Contact me through twitter

Blog Open House- Check these out!

Welcome to Blog Open House.

Blog Open House an opportunity for bloggers to get constructive opinions and tips to help make their blog even better. For visitors, this is an opportunity to share knowledge and to see what other bloggers are doing.

Everyday during the Blog Open House I will post blog addresses to visit. When you visit, be sure to leave a comment- whether it is simply a 'hello' or a tip.

Bloggers are encouraged to make changes and re-submit their site for additional open houses.

Today's sites to visit;

Kidz Comfort, Unique Bedding for Children including our exclusive Bed Bumper for Big Kids!

Blog with us at:

  • Your Blog Address:
  • What the nature or theme of your blog is about: My blog is not only a toddler bedding guide, it gives advice on parenting, providing useful tips and resources as well as interviews of parenting experts.
  • What areas of your blog you would like input or constructive input on: Are my topics too scattered? Should I focus on one topic, or is it fine that I try to provide a large gamut of parenting information?
  • A way for visitors to contact you with input: Visitors can email me at
  • Anything else you would like to add: It would be nice to know what type of information people are interested in hearing about.
Thanks so much!

I'm interested in participating in the blog open house.
My blogs are located at
I'd welcome constructive criticism on any aspect of the blogs. I'll provide more details when I get home from work.

DeAnna Troupe
Hi, my name's Bryan, I'm the editor of Thanks for adding us on Twitter. We're interested in your open house. Here's the info you requested:
-news humor, columns
-content, layout
-they can contact me at this email address.
-when is this going to be and how are you going to get the word out about it?

Thanks again,

Bryan McBournie
I would like to take part in your Blog Open House. My blog is
It's a blog that I started as a way of strengthening my writing skills while also helping others come to know Christianity more. I write daily devotionals and in depth studies on the women of the Bible with the intention of showing other women how our lives parallel with theirs.
All constructive criticism is accepted and will be re-designing my blog in the next coming weeks. I'm afraid it may be too busy. Readers may contact me through my blog on the contact me link.
If you have any questions, please reply.
Heather Smith
Submit your blog

To be part of the blog open house list, I will need to know the following;
  • Your Blog Address.
  • What the nature or theme of your blog is about.
  • What areas of your blog you would like input or constructive input on.
  • A way for visitors to contact you with input.
  • Anything else you would like to add.

If you are interested in being a listed blog in the open house, please e-mail me at
I will add your blog to the listing.

NO priceline hotel cancellation or change fees!

Hosting a Blog Open House

This post is part of a series of posts about a Blog Open House.

Today, I will focus on hosting an open house.

I have had a good response from bloggers who wish to host an open house.

As a host of an open house, you can benefit in a number of ways.

  • A blog open house will invite fellow bloggers to visit your site. As part of your invitation, you, the host, have or should ask your potential visitor to look at something specific. That is, constructive advice from one blogger to another. Other bloggers may know a better way of doing something or may be able to give you insight on something that is not working correctly.

  • Visitors to your open house will leave you comments about your site. If you decide to make changes to your site as a result, feel free to request another open house to get feedback on your changes.

  • Hosting a blog open house can also benefit you from a networking point of view. By networking with other bloggers you have the opportunity to share readers and ideas.

Be sure to acknowledge your open house visitors.
You can do this by;
  • Writing a post dedicated to your open house. This is a good way to ask for opinions. Readers can easily respond via comments.
  • Email or visit the blogs of bloggers who leave comments. At a minimum, thank them for visiting. You can also ask for advice.

  • You can suggest a networking opportunity such as a blogroll.

Tomorrow I will start listing blogs that are hosting an open house. If you are interested in being an open house host, please let me know.

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