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Blog Open House- Check these out!

Welcome to Blog Open House.

Blog Open House an opportunity for bloggers to get constructive opinions and tips to help make their blog even better. For visitors, this is an opportunity to share knowledge and to see what other bloggers are doing.

Everyday during the Blog Open House I will post blog addresses to visit. When you visit, be sure to leave a comment- whether it is simply a 'hello' or a tip.

Bloggers are encouraged to make changes and re-submit their site for additional open houses.

This is actually a site done by a contributor to this site- Shakespere Smith.

Visitors, please comment;

  1. Do you like the theme of "Stuff to blog about"?
  2. Do you think that the over all layout is working?
  3. What kind of changes to do you suggest I make to my site?

Thanks for visiting my site.

A frog to kiss

1. Blog URL:
2. Theme of my blog: I like to consider my blog as a "Seinfeld"-meaning a blog about nothing, just many topics- from humor to anything geeky.
3. Input: Any input is appreciated.
4. I'd like to add that I enjoy reader interaction. Unfortunately, a majority of bloggers only care about traffic. So, if you enjoy any post, comment appropriately, subscribe to my feed and follow me on Twitter!

Beth T.

Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind


Blog 1
A blog about our family.

Blog 2
a random blog of stuff

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Anonymous said...

Nice job on the open house. What a wonderful idea!

Beth said...

Thank you for choosing my blog as a "pick" for your open house. The concept is a wonderful idea. Now I can find other blogs to read and bloggers to connect with. Now, I'm off to read the blogs!