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Hosting a Blog Open House

This post is part of a series of posts about a Blog Open House.

Today, I will focus on hosting an open house.

I have had a good response from bloggers who wish to host an open house.

As a host of an open house, you can benefit in a number of ways.

  • A blog open house will invite fellow bloggers to visit your site. As part of your invitation, you, the host, have or should ask your potential visitor to look at something specific. That is, constructive advice from one blogger to another. Other bloggers may know a better way of doing something or may be able to give you insight on something that is not working correctly.

  • Visitors to your open house will leave you comments about your site. If you decide to make changes to your site as a result, feel free to request another open house to get feedback on your changes.

  • Hosting a blog open house can also benefit you from a networking point of view. By networking with other bloggers you have the opportunity to share readers and ideas.

Be sure to acknowledge your open house visitors.
You can do this by;
  • Writing a post dedicated to your open house. This is a good way to ask for opinions. Readers can easily respond via comments.
  • Email or visit the blogs of bloggers who leave comments. At a minimum, thank them for visiting. You can also ask for advice.

  • You can suggest a networking opportunity such as a blogroll.

Tomorrow I will start listing blogs that are hosting an open house. If you are interested in being an open house host, please let me know.

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