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Signing up for technorati

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the benefits of Technorati.

Whether or not you intend to use the service as a bookmarking tool, the fact is, if you want more hits, you'd better network for some links and favorites.

Unbelievable, I have never signed up fr the service, so today I will.
The sign-up is painless. They simply want to know your name and whether or not you are human.

Once you sign up, they will ask you to claim your site. This is a good idea if you want to assure that your links all count. They will also ask to claim your open ID. Both of these items are optional.

What to do after you sign up
Visit the support forum.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Add to Technorati Favorites

Tomorrow I will introduce an opportunity for you to get some links.

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