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Give stuff away...get traffic......

There is a theory out there that if you give stuff away, you'll get traffic.

While this many not always be the traffic that you are looking for, it will get people use to visiting your site. The result will always be more traffic.

What you give away should make sense to your reader base. That is, if your blog topic is about raising kids, you probably should not bother giving away aftershave. What you give away should be of some value, not necessarily monetary.

Popular items given away are free graphics, templates, e-books, coupons, and promotional type items. To get these items hosts will usually ask that you do something in return. An internet/blog themed site may ask you to sign up for a newsletter for instance. Family/mom sites usually ask for a comment, sometimes with a theme. The site owner will then draw a winner from the comments

What else you need to know about give-aways:

  • Obviously, you must be cautious with the information that you give out or when downloading things.
  • You may want to take out a free e-mail address to use solely for contests.
  • Read the instructions and fine print very well. You may be signing up for something that you do not want.
  • Obey the rules of the give-away and remember your comment manners.

I host give-aways on my site. Check it out.

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