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Blog Open House- Check these out!

We have had some terrific feedback concerning the Blog Open House.
At the end of the week I will post the blog addresses of all of our featured blogs.
You can still have your blog featured by e-mailing me-

Please visit these newly posted blogs hosting and open house. Be sure to leave a comment.

A blog update.

Thank you for checking out my blog at I've made a few little changes in titles, etc., after getting a technical comment. (I'm fairly new to this) If you have any suggestions I would certainly be open to hearing them. Thanks so much for setting up your Facebook group. If there is anyway I can promote it on my blog, let me know.

My blog, 'Just Show Up' is @,
I blog for, a nonprofit organization for those with special needs (Down syndrome, autism, etc.) and write about inclusion, community involvement, and advocacy issues.

I've been blogging for about six months, but continue to have low traffic
(approx. 10 hits a day). I've made changes to it, from time to time (I
changed the template recently, in fact.), and wonder what's working and what

If so, any comments could be sent to

i would LOVE to be included in your blog open house! let me know if ya need anything from me to make this happen. my blog's at:
thanks so much in advance!

You can still have your blog featured by e-mailing me-

All blogs posted this week will be reposted at the end of the week!

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I am Harriet said...

Just visited your open house. I enjoyed seeing the blogs today.

Bob said...

Thanks for doing this