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Blog Open House- Check these out!

Welcome to Blog Open House.

Blog Open House an opportunity for bloggers to get constructive opinions and tips to help make their blog even better. For visitors, this is an opportunity to share knowledge and to see what other bloggers are doing.

Everyday during the Blog Open House I will post blog addresses to visit. When you visit, be sure to leave a comment- whether it is simply a 'hello' or a tip.

Bloggers are encouraged to make changes and re-submit their site for additional open houses.

Today's sites to visit;

Kidz Comfort, Unique Bedding for Children including our exclusive Bed Bumper for Big Kids!

Blog with us at:

  • Your Blog Address:
  • What the nature or theme of your blog is about: My blog is not only a toddler bedding guide, it gives advice on parenting, providing useful tips and resources as well as interviews of parenting experts.
  • What areas of your blog you would like input or constructive input on: Are my topics too scattered? Should I focus on one topic, or is it fine that I try to provide a large gamut of parenting information?
  • A way for visitors to contact you with input: Visitors can email me at
  • Anything else you would like to add: It would be nice to know what type of information people are interested in hearing about.
Thanks so much!

I'm interested in participating in the blog open house.
My blogs are located at
I'd welcome constructive criticism on any aspect of the blogs. I'll provide more details when I get home from work.

DeAnna Troupe
Hi, my name's Bryan, I'm the editor of Thanks for adding us on Twitter. We're interested in your open house. Here's the info you requested:
-news humor, columns
-content, layout
-they can contact me at this email address.
-when is this going to be and how are you going to get the word out about it?

Thanks again,

Bryan McBournie
I would like to take part in your Blog Open House. My blog is
It's a blog that I started as a way of strengthening my writing skills while also helping others come to know Christianity more. I write daily devotionals and in depth studies on the women of the Bible with the intention of showing other women how our lives parallel with theirs.
All constructive criticism is accepted and will be re-designing my blog in the next coming weeks. I'm afraid it may be too busy. Readers may contact me through my blog on the contact me link.
If you have any questions, please reply.
Heather Smith
Submit your blog

To be part of the blog open house list, I will need to know the following;
  • Your Blog Address.
  • What the nature or theme of your blog is about.
  • What areas of your blog you would like input or constructive input on.
  • A way for visitors to contact you with input.
  • Anything else you would like to add.

If you are interested in being a listed blog in the open house, please e-mail me at
I will add your blog to the listing.

NO priceline hotel cancellation or change fees!


I am Harriet said...

Congratulations on a great idea!

Bob said...

How do I get featured?