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Welcome to our Blog Open house....

Yesterday, I started a series of posts concerning a Blog Open House.
Since then, I have received many interested bloggers. This is a wonderful opportunity to increase blog traffic and get constructive assistance about your blog.

Here is how the Blog Open House works.
  • You sign up to host an open house on your blog. When you sign up, be sure to include the following information;
  1. Your Blog Address.
  2. What the nature or theme of your blog is about.
  3. What areas of your blog you would like input or constructive input on.
  4. A way for visitors to contact you with input.
  5. Anything else you would like to add.
  • Starting on Sunday, and for the rest of the week, I will post blog addresses along with the note from the blogger indicating what to look for when you visit.

  • Visit each of the blogs. This is your opportunity to observe what other bloggers are doing. You can get tips or leads this way. Leave a comment for the blogger mentioning your visit and input that you want to share.

  • Visit this site daily for new blogs to visit. I will also have blogs listed on my Facebook group
    Learn How to Promote Your Blog
    Blog Promotion through Social Networking

If you are interested in being a listed blog in the open house, please e-mail me at
I will add your blog to the listing.


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