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Using Social Networking as a Marketing Tool

Social networking is one method of marketing your blog. It is probably the all around best method as it costs nothing to do, exposes you to similar bloggers and promotes your blog.

I recommend using social networking as a marketing tool and the one tool to use before you use any other. Social networking is an excellent source for beginner bloggers to observe and learn how things are done. Advanced and even professional bloggers can benefit from keeping aware of the trends in bloggin through the social network.

Tips to using Social Networking as your Marketing Tool

  • Build your persona. This will become your branding so put some time into it. If your purpose of networking is to bring more traffic to your site, don't forget to mention your site subtly. Add a link under 'my sites' and mention that you are a blogger in your job description.

  • Join groups that have to do with what your purpose it. If you are attempting to promote your hacking blog, join a hacking group.

  • I would recommend a micro blogging tool- such as Twitter, and a larger network such as Facebook. Focus on belonging to two and promote the other in your posts.

  • Look for friends. Usually on Facebook, someone will accept you as a friend if there is a common friend between you. When you are accepted or confirmed as a friend, check out the other persons friends for new friends. Don't request them all though.

  • When you request a friend, add a note such as, "I saw that you are a member in this group and we both have John Doe as a common friend."

  • Don't get carried away with sending things like bumper stickers etc. This can become annoying. Let the other person guide the level of friendship.

  • Take advantage of the mailbox address importer to see who you may know. You never know who they may know.

  • Never underestimate the power of a friend, no matter who they are.

  • Be friendly, conscious and courteous when you post something such as your status. You never know who will see this.

  • Update often. You'll be more apt to be noticed in a sea of millions.

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Twitter-Specific Tips
  • Every time your post something new, update your Twitter status to with a catchy teaser. For instance, "Just posted, 5 ways to promote yourself on Twitter". Then add a way that people can read it "".

  • Make it a habit to add 10 new followings per day. Before you know it, you'll have 100 followers as these people will follow you and their friends will soon follow.

  • Set your settings to notify you whenever you get a new follower. Be sure to follow them back.

  • Many Twitterers make it a habit to e-mail their new followers to thank them for the follow. They may also add a "visit me at this site" or "looking forward to Twittering with you".

  • Let everyone know you are on Twitter. Place a Twitter gadget on your blog and add your twitter address on your Facebook and MySpace.

Here are some tips for forming your blog network;

1. Have a mutual purpose to all of the blogs invited into this network. The mutual focus can be a hobby or common interest.

2. Don't go over-board with the number of blogs in the network as there will be a point will that will distract from one another.

3. If there are too many blogs, say over 20, to add to your blog network then it is time to split them up into subcategories.

4. It is okay to belong to more than one network.

5. Start a blogroll for your network. Post it proudly on your blog.

6. Use an image or catchy phrase for your blog roll. This will help in establishing credibility.

7. Keep in contact with members on a weekly basis to keep everyone motivated.

8. Inspire members to visit member blogs and leave inspiring comments.

9. Share information with and be sure to site and link to the other blogs in your network.

10. Consider having a contest, writing an e-book, or using another marketing tool with your network buddies.

The purpose of joining a network is to promote, be promoted and support one another. It's a great tool for any blogger. Market yourself just as you would market a business. Think branding and image.

GET STARTED NOW- Follow me on Facebook, join my Blog Promotion through Social Networking group. It is FREEEEEEEEEE! Totally FREEEEEEEE.

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