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Should you allow anonymous comments?

Until yesterday, I had no problem letting anyone comment on my personal blog- iamharriet.

I figured that allowing anonymous comments would make it easier for anyone to participate in my blog and it would increase traffic as a result. With the gift of comment moderation and the ability to delete, I figured it wasn't a big deal.

Yesterday, I wrote a post about the amount of money that was spent on the wardrobe of a certain vice presidential candidate and her family. Most people would agree that the amount spent was a big number.

I received a comment that was threatening to me and to anyone living in my home state- Illinois. Illinois is the home of the Democratic Presidential hopeful and because we the people of Illinois elected him to the Senate, it was our fault that this amount of money was spent by the other party. The comment made no logical sense, however, I took it as being threatening.

As a result, I have limited the ability to comment on my blog to basically anyone whose name isn't anonymous. I still want to encourage readers to comment, especially the mentally stable.

Commenting is important if you want readers to get involved with your site and return regularly. I do have tips for commenting;

Think hard about allowing anonymous commenting. While it opens things up for readers, sometimes you can welcome spam comments or unstable commentors.

Word verification can be a pain in the butt since it can often be difficult to read. You can turn this off in your setting.

You can adjust your moderation to moderating all comments, comments on older posts, or a simple comment notification. Choosing one of these depends on how much time you have and how many readers you get.

Lastly, consider signing up for Feedjit, Sitemeter or Google analytics to get some kind of a grasp on who is visiting you and where they are coming from.

Feel free to comment.