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How to market your blog for success-over view

Marketing your blog is an all-around effort. This means that the presentation, the content and the daily promotion must all work together. This week I will focus on marketing your blog.

Marketing your blog takes a daily effort.

You should start out by listing what are your goals for the marketing effort and how you will measure them. An example goal may be to increase your visits to 100 hits a day. This can be measured by an of the analytic counters available.

In you statement of you goals, you should also mention a time span for meeting you goal. When you hot that date, you should evaluate whether you have reached your goal.

When you have reached a goal then it is time to set a new goal with new measurement criteria. If your goal is to get 100 visitors a day in six months then in six months evaluate if you have reached that goal. If you have reached that goal then you can set a realistic goal based on this one. Say, to get 200 hits a day in another six months.

What happens when you do not hit your goals. Obviously, like with anything else, you must re-evaluate why. Was the goal unrealistic? Were you doing something wrong? Was the content of your posts not there for people? Were you not putting a marketing effort into it all?

This week I will focus more in depth with marketing your blog. Keep in mind that this is always going to be an evolving effort and is of the utmost importance if you successfulness is to measured by visitor hits and returns.

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