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As a Firefox user, I was intriqued by the services offered by ScribeFire.

According to the company, the ScribeFire Blog Editor enables users to easily drag and drop formatted text from the web into their blog(s), post entries, take notes, and optimize their ad inventory directly through the Firefox browser.

ScribeFire was originally founded to be the top blog editor for FireFox which it has done with over 1.5 million downloads to date.They say it is the "next generation tool that makes monetizing websites simple." We have built a simple way for bloggers and website owners to add optimized ads to their sites.

Additionally Blog Editor enables you to:

* Categorize and tag your blog posts
* Upload images
* Set timestamps
* Save works-in-progress as notes
* Post an entry as a draft
* Share your posts on social websites
* Upload files via FTP

Nothing! ScribeFire is a completely free service. Download the blog editor here.

You can connect one SF account to an unlimited number of blogs using a number of blogging services. They support over 15 different blog hosting services. Check out the full list here

ScribeFire works with Firefox (2 and 3), Flock, and SeaMonkey. It does not work with Internet Explorer.

When installing with Wordpress;
1. When entering a blog, instead of clicking the "Next >" you may be clicking "Configure Manually". Then, from the list, the most common choice is "". Since you are actually using your own install of wordpress (.org), you actually aren't on and so get invalid login/password. For this case, simply adding the blog and clicking "Next" without clicking "Configure Manually," fixes the problem.

2. It seems, for whatever reason, a blog may not have the XML-RPC publishing option checked and this may disturb the process. In order to turn on XML-RPC publishing, go to your Wordpress account. On the top, far right, click on the "Settings" option, followed by "Writing," (from among top left options). Scroll down to find "XML-RPC Publishing," and check the box that says "Enable the WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog and Blogger XML-RPC publishing protocols."

ScribeFire QuickAds FAQs

How do I create and post an ad?
With the simplicity of ScribeFire QuickAds you'll never need to know what an "ad tag" is again! Just click the "$" tab on your ScribeFire blog editor, choose an ad size and position the ad in the desired location on your site. Your ad is then posted and saved within your SF account for future viewing/editing!

(Note: you can also set up ads from within your account at Just login and click on the “Create Ad” tab.)

ScribeFire QuickAds is currently completely free of charge. We are evaluating business models that put the publisher first!

They will pay you on the 7th of every month via your choice of PayPal or check. PayPal is preferable to pubs bc we will ONLY require a minimum of $5.00 for PayPal payouts. Checks will be paid out once the publisher has reached the minimum of $25.00 Remember, you will have the convenience of receiving a single check each payout from all the networks combined!

You can still have Google AdSense. You have the choice of running Google Adsense from our “house” account and getting paid in your consolidated check from us on the 7th of every month or you can choose to enter in the login details of your Google Adsense account and we will serve Google Adsense from your account and you will continue to be paid directly from Google on any Adsense revenue. Either way, Google Adsense will be integrated into your ScribeFire banner ad rotation, turning up only (and always) when they trump out all other ad networks by having higher eCPM’s.

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