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How to find what you specifically want to blog about.

For some bloggers, they know specifically what it is they want to blog about. This is usually the reason why they start their blog in the first place. Usually, there bloggers are writing about an event, an aspect in their life, or something they have considerable knowledge about. But, what about those of us who want to write but, are unsure about what specifically?

Here is the challenge to help you figure it all out.
Answer these questions honestly and with an open mind.

  • What is it that you wind up writing about the most? The common theme behind your posts?
  • What do you know about? List one or more things that you have some knowledge about that many of us may not. Look at your life for answers. So you live somewhere that may be of interest to people who do not live there or may want to travel to?
  • What are your life learning experiences? Educators know that experiences that you have lived through may hold as much, if not more, knowledge as the textbooks about them.
  • What interests you? What are your hobbies? Your favorite sports teams? You source of daily Zen?
  • Do you belong to any kind of groups? An alumni group, baby sitting group, political group?
  • What have you always been curious about and have always wanted a reason to do research into?
  • Don't discredit your daily life. There are readers out these, who may or may not be just like you, who may be interested in your ideas or life.

It is okay to not know exactly what you want to write about at first. Often, you need a few months of writing to develop a direction. I would suggest that after you have answered the above questions, you consider your best three choices and develop those. Within six months it will probably just come to you which direction to follow.


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