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25 GREAT Blog Marketing Tips

All week long we have been focusing on marketing your blog. If you are blogging with the intent of getting traffic you are probably blogging to reach further goals. Marketing is important to you.

Here are some tips, many of them may be reminders that you should be reminded of.

  1. Evaluate your marketing efforts on a six month basis in order to give things enough time to work.
  2. Set goals and objectives that can be measured.
  3. Be open minded when you evaluate your own blog- not everything is going to work but, you need to try things to make sure.
  4. Listen to your feedback from others. They may see something that you have totally missed.
  5. Use a variety of marketing methods but, not too many as you still need to focus on the blog at hand.
  6. Use some kind of networking, It will entail you helping others while they help you.
  7. Word of mouth is always the best marketing tactic.
  8. Facebook is an excellent source for marketing your blog.
  9. Keep your eyes open for trends and ideas in the news.
  10. Observe and be supportive of other bloggers.
  11. Write often, at least daily.
  12. Demand posts from yourself.
  13. Comment on other blogs and sites.
  14. Be nice to all, not everyone will think exactly like you do. It is a fact of life.
  15. Be confident in your writing and think of yourself as a knowledge base for others.
  16. Use analytics and other free methods of keeping track of who is following you and where they are coming from
  17. Make sure that your feeds and newsletter subscription opportunities are in a noticeable location.
  18. Invite and exchange guest blogging opportunities.
  19. Promote something, such as a contest or a free e-book.
  20. Answer e-mails and comments in a positive way.
  21. Use a Twitter update with creative leads when you post.
  22. Quote and link to others.
  23. Remember to submit your address to pings and directories.
  24. Don't let the bookmarks and social media stuff over take your blog.
  25. Be original and do not steal or copy.

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