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20 Tips Putting Pizazz into your Hobby Blog

Hobby Bloggers are generally the kind of bloggers who are motivated by their passion for their hobby. The rewards that hobby bloggers get from blogging are the sense of sharing with others as well as teaching and learning.

Putting Pizazz into your posts can help inspire others. Pizazz is the element(s) that make the post memorable and inspirational.

  1. Teach people how to do something, if not do something better.
  2. Use photographs to help enhance your point.
  3. Show your readers how it is easy and fun to do it.
  4. Give tips and tricks.
  5. Use references and links to professionals, sites that are helpful or to something online that you have found to be helpful
  6. Use a variety of colors in your over-all site appearance.
  7. Inspire readers to participate by sending in their ideas or photos of something they have accomplished.
  8. Promote an organization, seminar or gathering that is related to your topic.
  9. Conduct your own seminar online and promote it.
  10. Write an e-book and give it out free to subscribers.
  11. Consider making a youtube video to demonstrate something.
  12. Write posts as an authority on something.
  13. Write your posts in a friend to friend manner.
  14. Promote your accomplishments, awards and memberships.
  15. Use your sidebar as a secondary focus for visitors.
  16. Put something, like an image, in the top part of your blog.
  17. Don't forget about an 'about me' which clearly states you passion for your hobby.
  18. Share other links related to your hobby.
  19. Post a variety of ideas about your hobby such as reviews, how to's and other ideas.
  20. Ask your readers if they would be interested in trading guest blogging duties with you.

Hobby Blogging is what I do besides my day job. I do it for the passion of my hobby- chocolate.
Chocoholics Diary.