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Developing your ideas while you write

I cannot tell you how many times I have started a post by writing the title first, only to find that after writing the post I need to rephrase the title. The reason: because I have evolved my post to the point of taking on a new direction. There is nothing wrong with changing direction as long as the post itself works.

Developing your ideas while you write is a good tool for any writer. After all, writing is a good medium for expressing your ideas. For some people, putting it down on paper or a screen helps them think things out because they have to see it as a whole.

How do you develop your ideas as you write?

First write your title. It is okay since you can easily update it in the end.

Start your post with your title in the first sentence. Then the remaining paragraph should be used to expand on the idea from your title. State your reason or argument.

The second paragraph should start with you asking yourself, "am I still writing about my title or have my thoughts taken me in a new direction?". It is okay to explore the possibility that you have decided to go to a new direction.

How to know that you have gone in a new direction.
It is easy. There are far more ideas, topics, and meat in the new direction than in the original. This should be your cue to change your title.

How to know if you need to stick to your original topic.
When the new direction leads to many uncertain paths. There may be many that can serve as their own topics. The solution would be to write a series of posts. Stick to your original topic if it is important enough to you or your readers.

Develop your ideas by writing everything down and then go back to edit things out. Edit out unrelated, redundant, or items that can serve as a post in themselves. Your goal is to make sure that your post solves the question posed by the title- whether it means that the reader has out a who, what or how before the title you have written.

Becoming a good writer takes time and work. Developing your ideas while you write is something that every writer has to do or has done.