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How's your marketing plan going?

All this week, I have been focusing on marketing your blog. Yesterday I wrote about the beginning blogger and why is is important to wait and work with your blog before you go all out with your marketing.

I am going to focus on the blogger who has been blogging for awhile and the need to re-evaluate your marketing plan every six months. Most specifically, what are your goals and objectives? Goals and objectives are an integral part of your marketing plan.

I am going to assume that your goal when you started was to write a blog that would bring you a certain number of new and repeat traffic over a certain amount of time. Have you checked your analytics to see if you have met this goal?

First of all, there is a difference between goals and objectives.
Goals are broad and general while objectives have a more narrow scope.
Goals are general intentions; objectives are precise.
Goals may be abstract while objectives are more precise or concrete.
Simple stated, a goal is the anticipated outcome of objectives.

Here is how to check to see if your current marketing plan is working for you.

  1. If you have never done this before then write down the two most important goals of writing your blog, as of six months ago.
  2. For each of the goals, list at least two objectives for each of these goals, as they would have been six months ago.
  3. Now, write down how would have gone about measuring your goals and objectives today, but, in your eyes six months ago.
Example. Six months ago Ellie started her personal blog. One of her goals at the time was to get more traffic. An objective was 10 visits a day within the next six months. To measure her success, she got a simple counter free online. She kept a daily record of her daily hits. Now, six months later, Ellie can evaluate her traffic to see if she has met her goal.

Even if you have the most productive blog in the world, you need to re-evaluate and adjust things over time. People change, ideas change, and your writing will change as well.

How is your marketing plan going?