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Read what the bloggers say about world hunger and poverty

In honor of Blog Action Day, and because it is the right thing to do, I have devoted this post to promoting what other bloggers are posting about the topic of world hunger and poverty.
My goal is to inspire your blog post in support of Blog Action Day- which is tomorrow.

World Poverty Day
16 hours ago by cindy
One of the great features of the Internet is the ability to help people in other parts of the world. This Friday, October 17, is an important day in that regard. Spearheaded by the Global Call to Action Against Poverty, we are called to ...
Tech Tools - All About Tech Integration - - References
How I-ShopTheWorld Fights Global Poverty
10 hours ago by admin
It seemed even more appropriate, and about time, huh? ;), for us to finally share with you all the story of the origins of the concept and some of our Visions for How may Help Fight World Poverty! ...
Shop The World - Save Money, Unique Native... -
Wipe Out Poverty on World Poverty Day, Oct 15, 2008!
8 hours ago by admin
of Poverty (World Poverty Day). It’s the day to create a ton of attention to the daily struggle of people living in poverty and strives to inspire citizens and governments around the world to join the fight to defeat and wipe out ...
MasterListBuilder -
Regenerating Kingston, Jamaica
20 hours ago by Tony Addison
UNDP reckons that 16% per cent of Jamaica’s population is in poverty. So no Roses there. But the Princes Trust is now building new low density housing, designed to bring a sense of community back to the area. ...
Ending World Poverty -
World Poverty Day
23 hours ago by sjs
October 17 is The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, which has been celebrated every year since 1987. The theme for this year’s observance, in recognition of the 60th... This is a summary only. Click on the Title to read ...
FAMVIN: The International Vincentian Family -
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
11 hours ago by Greg Cole
On the sixtieth anniversary of this declaration, the UN has chosen the theme "Human Rights and Dignity of People Living in Poverty" for its annual International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (World Poverty Day), on October 17. ...
Do We Have The Will? -
4 hours ago by Eddie Blatt
What can be said, however, hopefully with little concern for treading on the sensitivities of others, is that there is no solely political solution to world poverty of this kind without spiritual awakening. ...
Eddie Blatt's Writings -
Will Brown: What happens next?
12 Oct 2008 by Derek Wall
The new United Nations will embark on a crash program to shift towards sustainable energy sources and to end world poverty. This will soak up the unemployment generated by the crash. General Motors will be making solar panels and ...
SOCIALIST UNITY - - References
Kiwis take a stand to mark ‘World Poverty Day’
9 Oct 2008
The Art of Living (AOL) Foundation in collaboration with the United Nations Millennium Campaign, is hosting a free public event in Wellington’s Civic Square to mark the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (Friday, ...
Scoop NZ - Politics - - References
Online Video Game About Third World Poverty
7 Oct 2008 by Larry Ferlazzo
Heifer International, the widely-respected nonprofit that assists low-income people throughout the world, has just unveiled an online video game that helps players understand a bit more about Third World poverty. ...
Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day... - - References

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sustainable solutions for ending hunger and poverty
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Local Gourmands 10/13/08-10/19/08
1 hour ago by localgourmand
The magazine leads us right into a week of activity centered around World Food Day, October 16th. On this day The Action Center to End World Hunger opens, Alice Waters, Frances Moore Lappé and many others will speak out at Cooper Union ...
Local Gourmands -
World Hunger--Part 1
15 hours ago by Toni Mabry
October 15 is Blog Action Day. Many bloggers are banding together to discuss ways to fight hunger throughout the world. Links will be available for those who are interested in learning more about alleviating hunger. ...
Toni's Spot -
Giving Globally: Feeding the 900 Million
2 hours ago by Michael W. Kruse
There is a good but sobering reason why "ending world hunger" has been a perennial hope of beauty-pageant contestants at least since Miss America contestants began naming that as their greatest wish: we haven't come close to doing it. ...
Kruse Kronicle -
ECHO - World Hunger Resource
22 hours ago by Jane
Learn more about solutions to global hunger by visiting ECHO. The link is in the left column under "Ed Resources". ECHO operates a global farm located in North Fort Myers, Fl. that provides education to global community health ...
Health Promotion Motion: -
Help Me Donate to Heifer International!
13 hours ago by Kate
No, there will be no politics and there will be no discussion about how to achieve world peace. We will be discussing world hunger, and together we can help feed a family not just today and not just tomorrow, but for years to come. ...
Thoughts From a Sometimes Desperate Housewife -
The Struggling Masses, Part 2: Further Analysis
13 hours ago by SigmaX
“About mutual funds in Africa and developing countries, you’ll have to explain this further since I really don’t know how it may work in changing the equation to equalize opportunities and alleviate world hunger.” — Joselito Coo ...
Thinking Aloud -
Check out our FEED news story posted on this great website ...
12 Oct 2008 by FEED
Check out our FEED news story posted on this great website! Networking is amazing! Thanks goes out to John at of Murfreesboro!
Feed: raising awareness and igniting action... -
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How to help end world hunger and poverty
12 Oct 2008
If everyone did a little something, we will be closer to a world without poverty, hunger and pain. These are small tips and ideas to start making a ... Recent Article published on 10/11/2008 by econ476.
ehow - Culture & Society How To's -
finding a place in the world is harder than it looks.
12 Oct 2008 by BATMAN
World hunger is so important to stop, but why not try to stop hunger in your own country first? Why not help those that live down the street from you first? In your community before the world. And the rainforest. ...
my own little world -
Pax Christi - Hunger (10/12/09)12 Oct 2008 by jflahiff
Janice. Relationship between Free Trade, Current Food Policy and World Hunger (along with a few talking points for our representatives). This presentation will focus on. (1) Current hunger crisis overview ...
Jflahiff's Weblog -

Nobel Prize winning author condemns world hunger
10 Oct 2008 by Staff
Wiesel made haunting observations about the physical and psychological toll hunger takes, describing the eyes of those starving and asking how the world could tolerate such images without losing sleep. ...
The Talk Radio News Service -
Q&A session with Francis “Frane” McCarron, candidate for Helsinki ...
20 hours ago by Phil
World hunger is a dicey one, but I would suggest trying proper free trade, and not this patriarchal system that the US and EU keep blathering about. More importantly you should vote for me because you finally can and that you now have a ...
Finland for Thought - - References
Digital Game Advertising: Video Games With a Purpose
22 hours ago by info, a simple Web-based vocabulary game, educates its players and raises funds to fight world hunger. FreeRice challenges players to define words in a multiple-choice quiz. The game enhances a player's vocabulary while the ...
Info -
Different Views on World Hunger
3 Oct 2008 by Rebecca Swanner
And, if you think solving the world’s hunger problem is too costly consider this: according to Jimena Gamio’s video, solving the world’s hunger problem would cost $3 billion. This morning Congress signed a bailout bill for $700 billion. - - References
KFC & Pizza Hut Support World Hunger Relief
8 Oct 2008
Media Release 09 October 2008 KFC & Pizza Hut Support World Hunger Relief KFC and Pizza Hut are set to kick off – World Hunger Relief (WHR) – across all stores in NZ, to raise both awareness around the issue of world hunger and much ...
Scoop NZ - Culture -
County’s 6th annual CROP Walk is November 2
20 hours ago by Village Mill
Brandermill residents are invited to join in the CROP Walk by volunteering to walk and collect pledges in order to make a difference for world hunger. For more information about the November 2 CROP Walk, please call Adrienne Strandberg ...
Brandermill Community Association -
World Hunger Day offers opportunity
8 Oct 2008
While 80 percent of the World Hunger Fund is earmarked for international hunger, the remaining 20 percent is dedicated to feed the hungry of North America, directed by the North American Mission Board (NAMB). ...
The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission... -
KFC's Campaign Against World Hunger
10 Oct 2008 by Damaria Senne
Are you going to take part in KFC's Campaign Against World Hunger? Just saw the TV advert, which urges customers to R2 to their bill to contribute to the fund. People can also contribute to the fund by sending an SMS to 38727.
World Hunger Day, pt. 2 - How you can help
9 Oct 2008 by Jen of A2eatwrite
I was originally planning to include links to local hunger projects, and I'm going to do that, but I decided that I want to include global and national links, as well. These links are pretty random. These are organizations I know and ...
A2eatwrite -
Heifer Village Nepal: Serious Games Showing Solutions To World Hunger9 Oct 2008 by (Eliane Alhadeff)
Heifer is a non-profit organization that uses an innovative and proven method to reduce poverty and hunger around the world: they give families living in poverty the gift of a goat, chicken, sheep, or other farm animal, ...