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Does bookmarking really work?

There are a lot of bloggers who believe in the world of bookmarking as a traffic driver. But does it really work? Yes, at least for the big guys who have also most likely been around for awhile.

Bookmarking has now gotten to the point where there are almost too many options of sites to choose from and too many people vying to be marked. In order to be successful with bookmarking, you need time and friends.

Here are some tips to make bookmarking work for you;

  • Bookmark others and let them know that you have bookmarked them.
  • Get with a group, such as a blog roll, and bookmark one another.
  • Limit yourself to no more than four bookmarking sites. Any more than this will take up a lot of your time.
  • Concentrate on those four sites and observe what other bookmarkers are doing.
  • Add the gadgets, but not too many, to your blog.
  • Devote a couple of hours a week to bookmarking sites. Spread your time between checking out the other bookmarks, making friends, and new bookmarks.

In my Facebook group, Promote your blog through social networking, we are putting together a group of bloggers who want to share bookmarks. That is, bookmark one another. What a great idea! Feel free to participate.