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Social Networking Etiquette

Lately, I have been focusing on the use of Social Networking. This is something that has been around for a long time in some form. It keeps on going because it is always changing and evolving to fit the most current needs. The current needs can be defined as the reason why you are social networking.

At the moment, social networking is big on the internet in the form of networking sites. Because your are online and may never meet the people that you are networking with, social netwoeking online has a different, more unique, set of etiquette rules (unwritten, of course).

Social Networking Etiquette

  1. Watch your manners. Be polite. Thank your networking contacts.
  2. Don't push a personal agenda. Most notable, the shark-like agenda of tryin to sell something or make a buck. This is a sure way to down your value and not make genuine friends.
  3. Think of networking as a means of helping someone who can also help you. While the help may appear to be unequal, do not underestimate the other person.
  4. Have a link between you and your potentially new networking friend. That link can be a person or similar group.
  5. Be yourself and share yourself. People respond better to a real, genuine person and not a 'phoney'.
  6. Don't bring up politics, religion or sex. Unless this is the actual purpose of a networking opportunity.
  7. You'll never agree 100% with everyone and nobody will every agree 100% on everything with you.
  8. Don't get disparaged. It takes time and effort to establish good relationships.

Online networking works. Think of it as an opportunity to unite with millions of people from all over the world.

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