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How to devote your post to World Poverty

Many of us bloggers are eager to get involved with Blog Action Day. The Blog Action Day organizers are asking bloggers to call attention to World Poverty in writing their posts. The question is, how to do this and stay within the realm of your blog.

First of all, ask yourself, could you take a day off to stray off of the main purpose of your site in order to focus on this effort? For example, if you write about fashion, how would it look if the focus of your post was on starving people?

My answer is, yes, you can make it work. You just need to figure out how.
If your focus is on fashion, answer the question of how does fashion relate to world poverty?

Tips to focus your post on something that may not be blatantly related to your over-all topic.

  • You'll need to write down so that you can visualize this, the general topic of your site.
  • Mentally imagine five ways that your site can in some way relate to where you want to be, say world poverty.
  • Investigate these five ways as if they are leads. Do this by researching credible sites on the web. For example, if you are writing on world poverty, perhaps the World Health Organization would be a good place to start.
  • Then look at the other side of the goal, list how your site can relate to your leads.
  • This is all a lot easier when you open up your mind to the idea that you can make it happen.

Resources from the Folks at Blog Action Day;

General Web Resources

Have a killer resource that should be here? Contact Us

Site/URL Description
Uncultured Project Highly rated YouTube channel documenting one man’s efforts against Poverty.
Causes of Poverty Fact sheets, statistics and articles on the causes and effects of Global Poverty
Hans Rosling Talk at TED (Video) Fascinating talk by Researcher Hans Rosling demoing some great statistics
Girl Effect Interesting project with a really worthwhile video
WorldBank’s Poverty Net Lots of resources providing introductory information to poverty measurement and analysis
End Poverty by 2015 Just 7 years to go to achieve the goals of the Millenium Campaign
End Poverty Blog Daily log of experts from around the world promoting the Millennium Development Goals and the global fight against poverty.
Stand Up Against Poverty Auspiciously occurring just two days after Blog Action Day, this is a fantastic effort to be a part of!
Our Day to End Poverty: 24 Ways You Can Make a Difference A very worthwhile read!
Results A nonprofit grassroots advocacy organization committed to creating the political will to end hunger
Global Call to Action Against Poverty This global alliance is made up of a diverse range of coalitions, community groups, trade unions, individuals, faith groups and campaigners, who are all committed to the fight against poverty.
World Food Programme The world’s frontline organisation fighting hunger.
Oxfam International We believe we can end poverty and injustice, as part of a global movement for change.
Spotlight On Poverty An organisation that aims to highlight issues relating to poverty in the United States of America, and to ask the presidential candidates about their plans in this respect.
Moving Up USA A voice for reducing poverty & boosting social mobility
Making Poverty History offers lots of useful ideas and resources about poverty and related global issues

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