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Wait six months before you go all out in your marketing

All this week I am focusing on marketing your blog. So, you have been blogging for a while, possible six months or more. You are at the point where you have found your writing style and you are comfortable with it. The layout of your blog satisfies your eye and answers all of the questions about who you are and what your site is about.

Yesterday, I wrote about the marketing strategies that you need to consider as a beginner blogger. This was more like setting the stage to market your blog. You are setting the stage to get you going in the right direction of your blog as a whole. Today, I will focus on what to do between setting the stage and the actual marketing of your established blog.

The primary goal of marketing your blog is to get traffic and you do this by defining your niche.
Defining your niche is what makes you unique and the reason why not only will people visit you in the first place, but they will return again. Defining your niche means that you find where you stand among the other sites and what makes yours special.

Waiting six months is important to do. Besides allowing you to find your niche, it allows you to gain some experience in writing for your own site. More importantly, by waiting, you can observe how things are done in the world of blogging. It is important to see how the pro's do it to help you learn what works in order to save the disappointment and efforts associated with what doesn't work. This includes topics, fonts, colors, advertising, and social networking.

If waiting six months doesn't seem right for your needs, be cautious. Don't just start marketing the day you start your blog. Intense marketing and starting your blog on the same day will restrict you and any room for adjustment. It is like an advertising campaign done without marketing research. If six months is not the right amount of time for you, you should still map out a proper course, allowing yourself plenty of time for adjustment and growth.

Tomorrow, I will focus on marketing your blog after the six month mark.

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