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10 Great Rules for Blog Etiquette

There really is not set list of rules of blog etiquette. The rules of blogging are unwritten despite the fact that there are indeed norms that are followed by those who blog. Here is a listing of 10 great rules for blog etiquette. Especially take note if you are still getting your feet wet in the blogging world.

  1. Do not steal material from other bloggers. Not only is it uncool, unprofessional, and cheating but, stealing can get you into a lawsuit.
  2. Give reference where needed. It is okay to give reference with a link to what you are referencing to. A lot of bloggers find this to be a compliment.
  3. Answer your e-mails and acknowledge your comments.
  4. Always consider the other side when you are taking a side on an issue. It is very easy for written words to be taken out of context.
  5. Use original images. Do not steal photos. There have been big lawsuits on bloggers for doing this.
  6. It is always best to be original in your work. You can be inspired from someone else and use your words and thoughts to embellish.
  7. Do not bully, humiliate, slander etc....
  8. Think of other bloggers and allies with similar goals. We can all help one another.
  9. Know when to take a stand and when not to.
  10. Set a standard and follow it consistently. This includes the appearance of your blog, the content, spelling, grammer, the ability to promote, and your identity.
There are a lot of other etiquette related rules to follow. If you have any to add to my list, feel free to leave them in my comments.


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