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Ten Great Networking Tips on Facebook

Facebook is one of my favorite places to network. Where else can you go to get the opportunity to network with millions of people?

Here are some great tips to help you get your networking going.

  1. If you are new to Facebook or are just joining, it is important to build your personal branding. Do this by working on your profile pages.

  2. Tell everyone something about yourself. It is important to open up and let people know something about you if you want them to connect with you.

  3. Start by becoming friends with people that you know. Facebook makes this easy to do by using your e-mail address book.

  4. Don't go overboard at first requesting any and everyone. When you are branding yourself and learning how to maneuver around Facebook you should be going for quality and not quantity.

  5. Use a picture of yourself on your profile. It makes a huge difference to people when you are trying to be their friend. Think of your picture as a first impression.

  6. When you feel comfortable, join groups that have something in common with your goals.

  7. Add a couple of fan pages that are related to your goals. Fan pages actually look good on your profile because they appear with an icon.

  8. When you are ready to start adding friends, start by going to your groups and adding group members who have friends in common with you.

  9. Be observant of what other profiles have on them. You can usually find an interesting group to join or a great fan page.

  10. Be personable. Send plants, write on walls etc but, be sure to not be over doing it. A quick note on a wall to thank someone for a friendship acceptance or a message back usually suffices.

Facebook is a great place to network. It just takes time and a well thought out strategy to get it going for you.

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