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What are you posting?

Are you posting to post or are you posting to provide information?

When you post just to post, it is obvious to your readers. Your post will have little content, will tell not much about you or what you are thinking, and the result will leave the reader asking why they wasted the last 5 minutes of their life reading it.

When you post to share information, the reader re-reads the important stuff and gets inspired. You information is new to the reader and the reader finds it interesting. The reader recommends and/returns to your site.

Here are 10 tips to having inspiring content.

  1. Be aware of possible content during your daily life.
  2. Carry a note pad and jot down content as it comes to you throughout the day.
  3. Talk to your reader as if they are a friend that you know. However, keep your wording professional.
  4. Make your content appear new or refreshed . You can do this through wording it in a fresh way.
  5. Make your post visually appealing. Add images, write in blocks of words and bold important items.
  6. Use proper English and spell it correctly. You can write your post in a text editing program and copy and paste the result to your blog.
  7. Be consistent with your font, it's size and color. Then when you need to emphasize something via font presentation, your reader will know it.
  8. Put yourself in your reader's point of view. Does your blog look interesting to you as a whole?
  9. Learn how to edit material . You can cut out useless sentences/words and keep it more readable.
  10. Make every sentence say something new.

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