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Getting Help With Blogger

Recently, a friend of mine was having difficulty with her blogger. She would be able to post but, every time she wanted to see the blog she would get an error message. The message would tell her to report her problem and use the bX-1nz54f code in the report.

Albeit, Blogger is a wonderful and FREE service however, I can think of 100 easier things to do besides get 1:1 help.

Here are my top 5;
  1. Get a root canal without Novocaine
  2. Climb Mt. Everest
  3. Run a marathon
  4. Run two marathons in a day
  5. Meet Jesus
Okay, my list is meaningless. It did help relieve some stress.

The point of my post is to guide you through the 'get help' process with Blogger. It is probably the only thing wrong with Blogger, if not Google.

There is a link at the top of your dashboard that says "Help
Click this link and here is what you'll get;

Blogger Help Resources

Need help? Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced blogger, you can find answers to all of your Blogger questions here. Take a peek at the options below and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Help Center
Search or browse through our collection of how-to articles,
troubleshooting tips, and fun tricks.
Help Group
Ask questions and get answers from fellow Bloggers, or even
share your own expertise.
Blogger Status
Watch for alerts on system outages and planned maintenance.
Known Issues
Review our list of known bugs, suggested workarounds and
recent fixes.
Blogger Buzz
Read news from the Blogger team and keep up with our
latest features.

Note here that there is no link for customer service, as in a place to report your error page. Blogger assumes that all of your issues are relatively simple and that there is someone, usually a life-long blogger with the answers. That way you get helped and they don't have to deal with it.Don't get me wrong- if your new to Blogger you can get some great tips as well as answers from the groups and help center. But, you cannot get helped.

I stumbled upon a "contact us" link. I clicked on it and it made me sign in again. Why? I signed in and it took me to another page
I'd like to ...

Report a bug or problem
I can't log in
I can't locate my blog
I can't publish
My blog is displaying funny
I'm having trouble using Blogger Mobile
I'm having trouble uploading an image or video
I found a bug with Blogger
Report a Terms of Service violation
Suggest a feature
I clicked on "I found a bug" and then I was taken around the circle and back to the Blogger Help Group page, where I could have easily clicked on 2 hours ago if I wanted a group help session.

The morale of the story is, if something goes wrong, try and fix it by going to "help" first. If that doesn't help, you'll have to join the Google Blogger Help group for any kind of help beyond that. Oh, and do some praying that you'll get it. On a brighter note, when we did finally give in, join the group and post the issue, we found that we were not the only ones with this problem.