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What readers want to read about- Trend Spotting

Attention spans on the internet can be short.
Just as the trends in fashion and celebrity favorites, favorite blog topics can come and go.
This is why as part of your marketing and development, you need to keep up with or ahead of the trends. This is where blogging goes beyond writing and into market research.

How to keep up with the trends.

  • Subscribe to the newsletters from similar blogsites.
  • Notice which post topics bring in the most comments.
  • Check out your analytic data to see what search terms were used to find your blog.
  • Keep up with the news.
Probably the biggest thing that you can do to keep up with the trends is to keep abreast of search terms used by internet users on a general basis.
Here are some great links.

AOL Hot Searches
Bloglines top 100
Dogpile (filtered or nonfiltered)
Google Trends
Google Trends for Websites
Google Zeitgeist :What you see here is a cumulative snapshot of interesting queries people are asking – over time, within country domains, and some on – that perhaps reveal a bit of the human condition. We appreciate the contribution everyone who searches on Google makes to these fascinating bits of information. Hot Trends Current (you can vote on trends here) Google Trends
MSN A List

The Lycos 50

Search Engine Blog
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Yahoo Buzz

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