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10 Things Every Blog Post Needs to Include

Sometimes in the world of blogging you can feel yourself blogging on autopilot.
You get so use to blogging that you write without thinking that you are writing for a blog audience and not just for yourself. That is why you should have a list of items you need to include in every post.

You can write your items down and keep them close to you while you write and/or keep a mental note of them. If you are functioning on autopilot, you probably should have them written down nearby.

Here are the 10 items that I try to include in every post.

  1. Titles-Provides autonomy to that one individual post
  2. Labels- to keep things organized into categories and my tabs. You can use more than one.
  3. Links- For search crawler purposes, you should have at least one link in your post. Here are mine-
  4. e-mail me Page rank and links explained NY Times article on using links to rival websites.
  5. Topic- one per post. Mine is what every blog post needs.
  6. Advertising- just one per post or your blog will look cheapen
  7. An introduction- First paragraph, quick synopsis of what the post is about
  8. A Conclusion- Last paragraph- quick summary of your post
  9. A body- the meat of your essay.
  10. Optional- Photos/images
  11. Social Networking- such as Digg or add to my Technatori.

When I am finished with my post, I always ask myself, is there something that I forgot to add. I run through my list and make sure I've included everything I want to be included in every one of my posts.