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Take a day off from your blogging topic...

Okay, for someone who tells you to post in your blog on a daily basis, why would I tell you to take a day off?

Take a day off not from posting but, from your posting topic. That is, tend to your 'housework'. You will come back refreshed the next day and you will tend to the little things that are so easy to blow off. Here's what I mean.....

5 things you can post, rather than blog about on your day off.
1. Work on your networking...visit 4 or 5 similar blogs, post comments that compliment the blog. Most likely, the blog owner will visit your blog and comment back. Plus, that blog's readers may want to visit you too.
2. Link to posts on other blogs. By default, most blogs will give you an opportunity to to "link to this" at the end of posts. Simply click on it or if you are unable to, go to the title and copy the link address. Here is a whole new post for you, providing that you give proper credit. You may want to notify the blog owner as well. In the end, it may have the same affect as guest blogging.
3. Search online for an interesting website that may be related to your topic. This site may give you an idea for a post or lead you to one.
4. Allow yourself to blog outside the box for a day. If your blog is about cooking, take a day off and post a picture of an interesting site from your local park- just as an example.
5. Tell your readers a bit about you or your life. It will make you seem more approachable and likable. Wow, this person is human!

Take the day off. It can be good for you and your blog! $6.95 .com Sale 120x90