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The most obnoxious things you can do to your blog.

If you are someone who enjoys looking at other blogs, I am sure that you have encountered some really bad blogs. It is okay to use a basic template blog. Just because you are blogging doesn't mean you have to be the best one out there.

Some blogs go out of their way to be obnoxious- intentionally or not.
Use this list as a list of things to avoid so that your blog doesn't become obnoxious to others.

1. Use of bright or contrasting colors. Red with green only works at a certain time of year. Florescent yellow never works. By the way, if it seems okay on your monitor, you may want to check it out on another as monitors do vary.

2. BIG images that take up most of the screen and take forever to load. If you don't know how to change the file size, don't use it!

3. Many variations in fonts, their weight, their color, and their size. The rule of thumb is no more than two per page.

4. Music or audio that plays on load. Not only does it slow things does but, your visitor may not like your noise or may be in a quiet location.

5. Too many ads. Big, fat turnoff that will only work against you and cheapen your site.

6. Too much animation. Slows things down and is annoying. Another way to cheapen your site.

7. Cheapening your site. As stated above. Cheapening your site lessens your credibility as a blogger.

8. Posting an image without any kind of explanation below it. Blogs are for words and expression.

9. Too many social networking items. Especially on a sidebar. We realize you are popular with the blog community.

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