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Making FriendsThrough Links

One way to get more traffic is to use links in your posts and include a blogroll.
To add a link to your post simply highlight the word(s) that will contain the link and then click on the link picture just above where you are typing. A pop-up window will come up asking you for the url that you want the highlighted words linked to.

Another idea is to go to your settings tab, click on "formatting" and scroll down to "Show link field". This will add to field below your post title where you can add a url for a link.

Everyone who claims to be a 'know-it-all' about blogging talks about linking and the importance of doing so. The best reasons to do it would be for traffic via referrals and to make friends who can help you get traffic or add content.

Now, there is a difference between quality links and non quality links. It is quality versus quantity. Personally, I like the quality links because they give credibility to your blog.

When it comes to search engine ranks, blogs can be links can be your friend. The best kind can be from other similarly themed blogs. The theme relevant links are often placed right in blog posts, and contain powerful link anchor text.

One way of creating blooger links is through 'blogrolls'.This are link lists with the intended use being that someone interested in the content of one blog will click on the link list to see what a similar blog has to say.

There are pro's and con's to this idea. Pro's would include relevant traffic to your blog from your link on someone else's blog. When used in moderation, search engines will pick up on these links as well which can help your ranking. When I say "in moderation" I mean that you should exert some level of caution, regarding link exchanges with non-theme relevant blogs, as those incoming links might not receive full value.

The con's of a link list come into play when your site is listed on an irrelevant site or an irrelevant site is listed on yours. This is easy to control by making sure that you are the link list maker and not some third party.Too many links will certainly devalue your site especially in the eyes of search engines and potential return visitors.
Blogger also has some suggestions on the getting more links.

Set your blog to Send Pings. When this setting is activated, your blog will be included in various "recently updated" lists on the web as well as other blog-related services.

Activate Your Navbar. Do this and you might start to see the effects right away! One of the features on the Blogger Navbar is a button called NextBlog — click it to visit the next Navbar-enabled blog.

Install Email This Post. If you use Email This Post on your blog, people will be able to forward your posts to friends. This may not have an immediate impact on your site stats but it enables others to publicize your blog for you.

Turn on Post Pages. By publishing every post as its very own web page with Post Pages, you ensure that your entries are way more link-able and more attractive to search engines.

Turn on your site feed. When people subscribe to your site feed in their newsreaders, they’re very likely going to read your post.

Add your blog to Blogger's listings. When you add your blog to our listings it shows up in Nextblog, Recently Updated, and other places. It's like opting-in to traffic.

Write quality content and do it well. If your "style" is bad writing, worse grammar, no punctuation, and an ugly design, that might be okay for a niche crowd. But the idea here is to achieve mass appeal, so fix yourself up a bit.

Publish regular updates. Simple: the more you blog, the more traffic you’ll get.

Think of your audience. A good way to build an audience is to speak to one in particular. When you keep your audience in mind, your writing gains focus. Focus goes a long way toward repeat visitors.

Keep search engines in mind. There are a few things you can do to make your blog more search engine friendly. Use post titles and post page archiving. This will automatically give each of your post pages an intelligent name based on the title of your post. Also, try to be descriptive when you blog. A well crafted post about something very specific can end up very near the top results of a search.

Keep your posts and paragraphs short. Strive for succinct posts that pump pertinent new information into the blogosphere and move on. Keep it short and sweet so visitors can pop in, read up, and click on.

Put your blog URL in your email signature. Think of how many forwarded emails you’ve seen in your day, and just imagine the possibilities.

Sumbit your address to blog search sites and directories. People look for blog content at Technorati every day, are you on their list? You should be. Submit your blog's url to Technorati, Daypop, Blogdex, Popdex, and any other site of that ilk you come across.

Link to other blogs. Links are the currency of the blogosphere and it takes money to make money so start linking.

Install a blogroll. It's a very simple yet effective social networking scheme and it has the same result as a simple link if not stronger: traffic! So if you don't have one yet, sign up for a blogroll and get that link-list going.

Be an active commenter. This is in the same vein as linking. Most comment systems also provide a way for you to leave a link back to your blog which begs a visit at the very least. So if you feel inspired, leave a comment or two in your blog travels. It behooves you.

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Maureen Lee said...

I've been blogging for about three months, and this couldn't have come at a better time! You provided some very useful tips, all of which I'll be implementing in order to drive more traffic to my blog.

Kudos to you for presenting the information in an engaging and easily understandable way!

Blogger said...

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