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Blogger Known Issues

While I'm on the topic of blasting Blogger, I figure that I might as well continue with what is known as "Known Issues".

Known Issues are what Blogger defines as "The latest on what's still a problem, what's getting fixed, and what's been taken care of, direct from the Blogger team."
I'm not sure how they find this all out based on my prior post.

Known Issues is actually a blog that Blogger uses to update users on potential problems. When they post something, it will appear on your dashboard after you sign in. You can then refer to the known issues blog for updates.

This blog covers bugs and missing features in the new version of Blogger that affect a significant number of users. To report a bug that is not mentioned here, contact Blogger Support. Actually, like what happened to me, you won't really be contacting support. You'll be directed to the Google Group for Blogger Help Publishing. You can spend a lifetime searching for what you need or you can just post your issue (you'll need to sign in and join the group of course).

For information about the state of the service and upcoming outages, see site serves to keep Blogger users informed about Blogger's development, upgrades, outages and related issues.

You can also give help to and receive help from other Blogger users at the Blogger Help Group.See above for this.
Like I mentioned earlier, many of the important items that will show up in the group or blog will end up on your dashboard screen. It is important to read this. Blogger doesn't update it often.

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