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Keeping up with the bloggers

Getting past your third post, or should I say, third day of posting.
Many bloggers start out with all kinds of energy and thoughts about how they will reinvent the blog through their words and postings. After a few days, the inspiration has cooled off and before they know it, blogging is yet another hobby of the past.
Here are some tips for sticking with it.

First of all, when you stumble upon a blog that has 150 postings and you are impressed with the size popularity of this blog, keep in mind that that blog has been around for awhile. That blog may look to you, a new blogger perhaps, like it is the Cadillac of blogs. You want to be that blogger with that success.

You can achieve blog success. It take time, patience, and a willingness to develop your blogging skill. Sorry, not everyone is born to blog, just as not everybody is born to be a professional athlete.

Consider these tips.
  • 1. When you start your blog, have a theme.Format your layout to fit this theme. If you like the look, you'll want to come back. Same with your reader. Try to be unique yet, interesting. Readers aren't really interested in your diary unless, you are a famous celebrity.
  • 2. What makes your blog popular by subject yet, unique with individuality? It may take a bit of time to find this niche. However, if you are Susie and you like to cook, focus on food and/or cooking. This will help you weed out the "TMI" or too much information.
  • 3. Blogger will let you post 50 postings in one day and then they will slow you down by throwing in word verification. This tells you that there us some limit to the number of posts you can post in a day. Why risk burn-out?
  • 4. Schedule your definite posting times. Decide, for instance, that you will sit down to write every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9am. Write it down in your schedule. That way you will definitely make the time to do it. Then, if you decide to post additional posts, those are just bonus posts.
  • 5. Go easy on yourself. You're not a professional writer (most likely). Think of blogging as a therapeutic way to consider your thoughts or share them woth others.
  • 6. It's quality, not quantity of posts. Posting a daily post that always reads "I had a good day" does nothing for anyone. Posting three days a week with more substance is way better.
  • 7. In a funk? Do a search engine search on the topic. Stuff you read may inspire you with new ideas.
  • 8. Think ahead by subscribing to similar blogs and newsletters. These are great sources your new material.
  • 9. Keep track of your post's popularity my subscribing to analytics. Also, note which posts lead to the most inspired comments. This will help guide you towards popular subjects.
  • 10. Don't give up. Don't expect yours to be the most popular or most visited. Most blogs aren't.