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Get their interest!

Consider it a success that you have gotten someone to land on your page or site. Whether it was organic through a search engine or just by chance, they landed there. Now you have to keep their interest. The internet is a breeding ground for short attention spans.

It is of the utmost importance that you have a major and several minor eye catchers on your landing page. This means a really nice focal point to catch attention and several eye catchers to spark an interest.

Here is how to do this.

  • The focal point.
Many bloggers will swear by the header visual . For most bloggers, this is a good idea. The visual should be no larger than a quarter of the screen size. This means that when the page loads the header image should not take over the majority of the page. Why? Because usually these images were posted by someone who has not optimized the image to take the file size down. The result? A very slow loading page. A very slow loading page leads to reader impatience and they move on.
Your header image should be an eye appealing visual, usually but, not always, including an image. When not to use an image? When the blog is centered around something very serious or upsetting.
Should words be added to your header?
By all means. The words should specifically state the title or the address of your blog. Think of it as the address sign on the front of your house. If you do not have one nobody will know where they are.

  • Several Eye Catchers
Eye catchers are what reassure the visitor that yes, they do want to stay there and see what else there is. The first eye catcher tells them "wait a minute, this may be an interesting place to visit. Let's see what else there is". The two other eye catchers tell the visitor " yes, this is interesting, let's stick around."

What can the eye catchers be?
  • Visuals
  • Headlines
  • Gadgets
The rule is to use a mixture but not too many. So, by limiting your eye catchers to three total and by using two different kinds to make it three, you are sparking interest without overwhelming.

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