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Is your blog loading too slow?

I am sure that everyone has become frustrated at some point at the amount of time it can take to load a webpage.

Bloggers and website designers alike should be concerned about this. Web surfers has a short attention span. With the move from dial-up to faster connections, our internet ADD has gotten worse. This means that the slower your page is to load the more likely visitors may be to think about all the time they are wasting waiting for it. The result, is a lost hit.

Her are some tips to make your page load faster.

1. Limit your graphics and use more text. Text will load faster and will be more apt to be picked up by spiders crawling the web.
2. When you do use graphics, optimize them to make the file sizes smaller. Simple software such as Microsoft picture viewer can do this quickly and easily.
3. Fancy stuff like javascript and flash may be impressive to use but, they can really slow things down in the eyes of the average web surfer.
4. Avoid using Flash intos. Yes, we are all impressed that you were able to do this and add it to your webpage. But, they slow things down and are a real pain.
5. Ditch your pop up and other kinds of advertising that are not only a nuisance but, mess with most browsers. Embed your ads.
6. Limit the amount of sites that feed into your site. Too many of these can really slow things down.
7. Don't use sounds or music. They cheapen your site anyway.
8. If you must use a video, make it so the viewer is able to start it rather than it starting on page load.
9. Use a simple design. Sometimes the templates that were novice-constructed may not have good code. This will slow things down while you browser tries to deal with it.
10. Limit the number of posts that can be seen on your entrance page. Most blogging host will allow you to do this.