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Bloggers Choice Awards

You've seen their logo images all over blogland. The Bloggers Choice Awards allows you to nominate your favorite blogs within a variety of unique categories and also vote and comment on others that have already been submitted.
In turn, others can also vote and comment on the blogs you've nominated. Votes are displayed on the site in real-time, so you can see who's leading within each category at any moment!

Winners in each respective category will be revealed in late 2008, and will be recognized at a one-of-a-kind awards ceremony and posted at allows you to nominate and vote for as many blogs as you want, as long as you adhere to their Rules and Regulations.

Blogger's Choice Awards claims to be the most popular user-generated blog voting site on the planet.

Nominations are approved by the Bloggers Choice Awards "Nomination Police Special Task Force."

There are a variety of nominating categories and you are allowed to select up to four for each site.

Best Animal Blogger, Best Blog About Blogging, Best Blog About Stuff, Best Blog Design,
Best Blog of All Time, Best Blogging Host, Best Business Blog, Best Celebrity Blogger,
Best Charity Blog, Best Corporate Blog, Best Education Blog, Best Entertainment Blog and more.
Some of my favorite categories are Freakiest Blogger, Hottest Daddy Blogger,
Hottest Mommy Blogger, Most Obnoxious Blogger , The "Blogitzer", and of course, Worst Blog of All Time.

If you are interested in seeing what other blogs look like and seeing them quickly, this is a great place to go. There are screen shots displayed by each blog in every category. The vast number of nominated blogs reassures you that indeed there are millions of blogs out there. It can also serve as a wake-up call to the idea that actually winning an award is a long shot.

Yes, kubrickspick has been nominated. It would be a great spot to cast your vote.

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