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Using your new WordPress Template

In my last post I offered some suggestions on where to find WordPress templates. Now I'll help use these templates.

First of all, when you find a template that you really like, make sure it is totally free, unless you want to pay for it.
Make a separate folder where you want to download it to.
I would suggest downloading several in case one doesn't come with all of the needed files or you don't like it's look.

You will need to upload the entire folder, to the server hosting your WordPress. Ther are some hosts that will not let you have access to the server so make sure yours gives it to you or you'll be in for some frustrations.

You'll need some kind of FTP or file transfer as a means of uploading. I use Dreamweaver since they have included the FTP in it. If you are new to all of this you'll need to find out the location of the server, the host name, your sign in name and password. This can be far more complex if you've never done it before which is why I suggest starting with Blogger.

Upload the entire folder to the server. You will need to install the folder into the wp-content/themes directory. If it is installed correctly then the new themes should show up when you go to your presentation tab and hit themes.

There are a few things that WordPress neglects to tell you when they are selling you on the "5 minute" installation. If you don't have access to some kind of FTP or you are not familiar with servers, files etc, you may want to use what you were given by your host or use Blogger.