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Blogging for Dollars

Blogging started out as a personal online diary of sorts.
But, as blogging has evolved, it's not just a hobby anymore. Some bloggers are making big money.

According to CNN, blogs today benefit from what might be termed uneconomies of scale. They are so cheap to create and operate that a lone blogger or a small team can, with the ever-expanding reach of the Internet, amass vast audiences and generate levels of profit on a per-employee basis that traditional media companies can only fantasize about.

Advertisers are starting to enjoy the web. The web can touch more people and advertising on blogs can be a whole lot less expensive than mainstream media.

Blogging for dollars is not easy to do. The entire concept is still in it's childhood, but, quite competitive. Sometimes, just plain old luck has to be on your side. Many bloggers go into blogging for the quick buck. Most bloggers give up within a month. To be successful, you must post on your blog at least daily. It take some discipline to do so.

Overall Web advertising expected to grow by 50 percent to $23.6 billion in 2010.

The monetization of blogging can trace its roots to late 2002, when Google created AdSense, a revolutionary system that allowed anyone with a website to run ads. AdSense works by matching ads with a site's content. Each time a visitor clicks on a linked ad, the site's owner can earn revenue.

Doing business on the web can seem like a no-brainer. 71 percent of American households have Web access; Americans ages 13 to 24 now spend more time online than they do in front of the TV.

There are 50 million blogs. Two new blogs are launched every second or as much as 175,000 , new sites daily according to Technorati.

The money doesn't come over night.
So the best advice is to find your niche, start your blog and blog because you like to. Everything else will develop over time.