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Your post outline

When planning out your post, stick to an outline mentality and fill in the blanks. Each paragraph should express a different idea that is unique to that paragraph. Following the outline mentality will make your blog as a whole look more consistent and will give you a writing style.

Your outline should look something like this.
(It's basically a review of basic writing 101)

I Introductory Paragraph
1. Introduce the reader to your post topic.
2. Give a supporting reason why they should read on.
3. End with a teaser on what is to come.

II Body.
1. Subtopic
2. Subtopic
3. Subtopic

The number of paragraphs in your body depends on the amount of information you have on the whole post topic.

III Conclusion
1. Summarize what your post was about
2. Inform the reader on how they can get more information.
3. Site your sources.

Follow this outline idea to some extent for awhile and it will soon come naturally.You will develop a writing style that will become recognizable to your readers.