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Do it yourself Search Engine Optimizing-more

If you have started working on your search engine optimizing since I posted the beginner steps on Do it yourself Search Engine Optimizing ,

As a review, my first post on beginner steps on Do it yourself Search Engine Optimizing involved a lot of getting to know some of the free methods from Google. This would be a good time to review them.

Now I will tell you tips which have to do with your posts.

1. Your posts should have clean code. Luckily, Blogger is pretty good at warning you when your code needs improvement. Being bloggers, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) help to minimize the problems as well. As a warning, errors in your code may prevent a search engine crawlers from moving through the site successfully.

2. Give good content in your post. Have a topic. Don't just post and say nothing. You'll turn everyone off. When writing something that you want to be searched for on the Internet, think about the words and phrases someone would use to find your information. Use them more than once in your post. For instance, once again I will mention that the topic of this post is Do it yourself Search Engine Optimizing.

3. Use image attributes. Search engines look for alt and title in link and image tags. While these have a bigger purpose of making your site more accessible, having good descriptions and words in these attributes helps provide more content for search engines to use..

4 .Link
As far as some search engines are concerned, you are only as popular as the number of sites are that link to you. It is helpful to use blogrolls, pingbacks, and trackbacks. Feel free to link to me , let me know and I'll link back to you.

5. Make usre you use Meta Tags.
In blogger you'll have to add them manually to your html.
In WordPress you will need to add them manually or use a gadget.
They generally are not there unless you put them there.

Meta Tags were created to provide concise information about a website. Meta tags list information about the web page, such as the author, keywords, description, type of document, copyright, and other core information.

This is an example of a meta tag for description:

 meta name="description" content="This is the
description sentence or short paragraph about
the article or post."
Meta tags are located in the head section of html code and between <> signs.
In addtion to these tages, you'll want to add

meta name="GOOGLEBOT" content="INDEX, FOLLOW"
meta name="ROBOTS" content="ALL"

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