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10 Ways to Customize Without HTML

Not everyone feels comfortable with customizing their blog via html. Blogger html has it's own style of html as well which may seem intimidating.
Here is some good news for you.
You can still customize your blog to make unique without touching the html.
Here are 10 tips.

1. Check out the available templates. Maybe your blog just need a template update.
You can find the templates under the layouts tab in your dashboard. Some of the templates can be customized a lot while others not so much. Generally, the minima styles tend to me the most flexible. There are seven minima's to choose from. What is nice is that you can actually preview what your blog will look like in that style without actually changing it. Changing the template should not harm your elements.
When you find what you like, click "save template".

2. Fonts and Colors. This is located under the layouts tab.
Changing the font style or color can do a lot to personalizing your blog. You can preview as you customize. Be sure to save when you find what you like.

3. Upload a picture to your header.
This is actually quite simple. Go to your page elements section of your layouts tab and you'll see the header up there. Click on "edit" upload a picture from your computer and decide if you want to keep the header description with the picture.

4. Add subscription buttons.
You'll need to use Blogger in Draft for the fancy page elements. Again, go to layouts- page elements- add a gadget. Subscription links should be the third choice down.

5. Other Gadgets to Try.
Search Box- you can customize it to only or blog or the web.
Blog List- with snippets to blogs in your blog roll or blogs you recommend.
Labels- Excellent way to categorize your blog and be organized.

6. Use the text gadget to add some words. You can welcome people to your blog for instance.

7. Sign up for AdSense. This is another gadget that will help you get ads running on your blog. Why not make some money while you blog?

8. Move your page elements around.
When you click and drag on an element, the cursor should change to a change to a cross with arrows. You can easily move things around. Preview before you save. When you find what you like, don't forget to save.

9.Change the look of your comments.
Go to your settings tab, click on comments and scroll down. Unfortunately, blogger does not give an option for inline comments however, you can use the pop-up window. You can also restrict or enhance commenter abilities to your liking.

10. Customize with your formatting options.
Also located under the settings tab. You can decide how many entries to display on your first page, time and date options, and you can add something such as a signature that will always appear on your posts.

So there you go. 10 ways to customize without touching your html.

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