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Add a Poll- Spark Interest

Polls are nice because they can inspire reader interest. They can also be a great way to find out what your reader's are into in order to know what topics to write about.
Polls are easy to set up.


Start by going to the Layout | Page Elements tab for your blog:

Click the "Add a Page Element" link that appears in the sidebar for your layout. Click on"Poll" and click on "Add to Blog."

The poll settings let you enter the question you want to ask, and the possible answers you want to allow. You can enter as few or as many possible answers as you like; if you need more than are shown, just click the "add another answer" link.

You can change the time frame of the poll by entering a new date in the settings. You can also check the option to allow people to vote for multiple answers, if appropriate.

You can then go into the edit html link from the layouts tab and customize the poll by adding a background color etc. Scroll through the html and look for the poll or do a command +f (in most browsers) to search and find it.
Here is an example of what you can do.

background:#FFFFFF; = white
border:3px solid #000000;=black
padding:0 10px;
font-color: #FFFFFF= white


Al said...

Hey- I just stumbled on your blog. Wow! GREAT TIPS!

iluv2deal14u said...

Thanks for the tips.