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Tips to write a better blog; eye appeal

Put yourself in the mindset of the blog visitor. When you stumble upon a blog what is it that you first notice? It will probably be the layout. If it is pleasing to the eye you'll stick around to investigate if you are interesting to your mind.

The best way to make your blog interesting to the eye is to have it organized.Does it make sense? Are the contents grouped together according to relevances? Don't you hate it when you follow a link from a search engine only to be directed to a page full of ads and 60 other things that you must do to find your goal? You feel scammed in a way.

Step back and examine your blog layout by chunks. If you are stumped by this, cruise around other blogs and examine the overall layout of the ones that you think are inviting to your eye. You'll probably find some kind of image or artwork, one or two areas of navigation, which totally make sense. And, there will be empty space.Empty space is important because without it your blog will look cluttered and the reader will move on because they have no idea where to start.