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It's a little used tab on your settings tab. What's so good about this?
Permissions allows for multiple authors or restricted view.
I am going to focus on the multiple authors right not. Restricted views speaks for itself.

Multiple authors is an excellent idea for groups, such as nonprofits and clubs. You can keep your postings private by setting the readers to authors only or only people you choose. Businesses can benefit too.

You can set the author to 100 people.
To get each author's post to their own page, simply label the post with the author's name. Then on your main page, you can display the gadget for labels (Blogger in draft- layout- add gadget). Your main page should be post dated (click on post options, set the date for 2011). By postdating, you can be assured that this is the page that always appears first- a landing page.

Here is an example of a sample blog that I made. Click on it to make it larger.

Notice how my "post date post" show up first?
Because after I posted it I edited it and changed the date in the options below the post.

Notice the "labels" gadget. It lists the 'sample ofr permissions" post that I made and labeled. You can do this with names and when users click on the name, they will be directed to all of the postings with that label or name.

Also, go to your setting tab, click on 'formatting' and you can set your main page to load only one post- the one you made for your landing page.