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Why use labels- they're a pain? 'Fake Site Pages'

I thought labels were a pain too when I first started out.
Then I was tipped off to their usefulness.

Personally, I think that listing the labels below the post is kind of useless. Especially if you've already read the post.

The best use for labels is their ability to categorize your posts. Why is this nice? See the tabs on the top of my blog? "Main Page" "Beginners" etc? Those are all from labels.
Now they appear as updated pages for my visitors.

The easiest way to do this is to start out organized.
Go to "Edit Posts" and make 4 or 5 labels that best suit your blog.
Add your posts to the best fitting label(s) categories.
Now, go to your main page and do a search on one of those labels.
What you'll get is an entire page of all of your posts in that category.

Here is where it gets nice....
Copy the address from the address bar for this search. It should look kind of like
Now go to your layout tab, add a page element for links.
Put your copied url in for the address and the label for the name.
Congratulations, you have created what looks like a webpage to your visitors.

An option to this would be to go to blogger in draft and add a gadget for labels. The downside to this gadget is that it lists the number of posts in each label which you must go in to your code to remove (not that hard to do- just do a search in your html for label and count and delete it- preview before you save!)

The difference between a labels gadget and the links is that label displays every label and links narrows things down. See "topics" in my side bar- that is the labels gadget at work. The tabs on top is the links at work.

Don't forget to add a link for your main page or landing page. When you make navigation easy, visitors are happy.


chocoholic said...

Great tip. I'll use it.